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  1. Determined1, this is great information to have..especially the link.....I bet there are a lot of cases out there similar to yours but unfortunately are not heard.
  2. Admin was right about this. It is illegal. I just spoke with IRS. They stated that if the bank only disbursed the funds one time to my LLC, they cannot again claim they disburse this same amount into my personal account if I claim this never happened. They said the bank may have a glitch in their software which they never admit and that when they were transfering/populating my LLC data, they may have mistakenly generated a duplicate, one with my socsecno and the other with my LLC tax ein no They further explained if I don't get cooperation from their Accounting Manager that issues out 1099c
  3. My LLC owed x,xxx,xx amount. The bank now issues 2 sets of 1099 C for the exact same amount x,xxx.xx one to my LLC and the other against my personal socsecno. Is this legal? 1.Won't this mean i owe this amount twice? 2. Do I only file one of these 2 1099C when I file my taxes on my personal taxes? 3. What do I do with the other 1099C filed against my LLC in its ein tax #
  4. Can I add my spouse's name to my bank account to make this difficult for them to freeze my account?? What options do I have?
  5. Does this mean I need to close all my bank accounts? I have payroll direct deposit to a bank. How do I change how to collect my paycheck? All automatic insurance biling, mortgage billing etc have to be cancelled....I am trying to figure how I can operate without a single bank account.#@!
  6. If I JDC wins judgement ag me, how do they start the process of collecting? Can they immeadiatly freeze my account or do they proceed to start garnishing my payroll check? Do they call me first to set up payment plans or how does it work?
  7. It was a collection attorney for an assignee of OC. It's hard to say if assignment is really genuine because I have 3 different JDB that have written me for this same purported debt. I pointed this out in my Affirmative Defense but the Judge ruled against me anyways
  8. How do get the volume number and pages from the court house or can I research this anywhere on the internet...this was a Summary Judgement that I won 5 months ago and this State Judge's decision contradicts how the Magistrate Court Judge ruled against me yesterday.
  9. There was no recording. The whole process was held so informally that the judge was constantly joking with all the Plaintiff lawyers. 3 cases prior to my case, the Judge was upset because the Defendant did not show up and had filed some brief...the Judge threw the brief inside a folder, set it aside and made a comment "all these people think they can just go to the internet....wait for few minutes and this will be a default judgement (addressing Plaintiff lawyer)". What I did not understand is why she(Judge) agreed that a plain sheet of paper printed by the Plaintiff lawyer with my socsecnum
  10. Does anyone know the format to cite a case in a Georgia gwinnett county court. I want to cite a recent case that I won to defend myself on a new case. Can someone give me an example format for a case in Gwinnett county Georgia?
  11. What is the process of countersuing a Plaintiff's collection attorneys who has repeatedly called me after I issued them a Cease and Desist letter. I have lost the case they filed ag me in Magistrate Court however I am appealing it based on the fact that they did not provide all documents I asked for and Judge agreed Plaintiff burden of proof because they had my social security number on a piece of paper. I know if I appeal, it will start a new case # in State Court but how do I counter sue these Plaintiff attorneys for their violation on this same case?
  12. I just lost in Magistrate Court ag. Calvary SPV (Plaintiff with their collection attorney). I had requested for strict proof of purported debt, contract/agreement bearing my signature, bona fide assignment from OC to Calvary with chain of custody (since I have received unsigned notification from 3 other types of CA for this same amount of debt). I had also followed the proper procedure to request for validation, original documents, bank statement from itemization from zero balance. They could only provide me one sheet of BofA statement and nothing else. At trial, Plaintiff's provided a photo
  13. BUMMER.....she is not fluent in English. Oh well, we'll just have to roll with the punches. Can someone comment to this 2nd question - In Small Claims Magistrate Court, can we start a Discovery Process (Req for Prod of Docs, Interrogatories, Admissions of Facts etc) after we have just sent in the Response to their Claims Complaint. Is this necessary before any bench trial date is set in a small claims court?
  14. I have won 5 out of 5 law suits against 5 DCs in State Court. Recently, I have a DC file law suit in Magistrate Small Claims court for $10K against my spouse. I want to be able to guide her so she doesn't fall into a trap of this DC who provides affidavit to confirm they don't have any original contract but they have assignee rights from an assignor my spouse didn't have any agreement with. 2 Questions 1. We have sent a Response & Affirmative Defense to the Claims Complaint as Pro se (my spouse). Can I stand beside her and advise her to answer questions during any potential bench trial an