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  1. I sent the letter to LVNV but Security Service's name was on the heading of the letter as well. If Security Services retained an attorney without validating first, as they were required to do, then the calls they (WWR) made to my husband's work and our home were in violation of the orignal CD/DV I sent to LVNV/Security Services, right? If WWR truly had their act together, they would have known that a CD letter had been sent to their client and would have adhered to the rules of the FDCPA.
  2. There aren't many consumer attorneys in my state and the one I contacted never called me back. I've contacted a few on the internet as well and never heard anything back from them. It seems that no one is interested in taking this case. But I will be glad to sue them pro se () if I have a cause of action. I just want to cause them a little grief since they have caused me a TREMENDOUS amount of grief.
  3. Last year, my husband and I were going to file bankruptcy. We were represented by an attorney (bk attorney) on all of our debts at the time. Well, unfortunately, we weren't able to file bk due to being over the median income, which put us in in Ch. 13. We would've had to pay back a minumum of $600.00 per month, which we simply cannot afford. (If we had that much disposable income, we wouldn't be in the shape we're in now) Anyway, our bk attorney answered a summons to a suit filed on behalf of Arrow. Of course, he answered with the standard deny, deny, deny. Knowing that we were represe
  4. That's what I'm wondering about also. I'm trying to figure out (with the help from everyone on this board;)) what would be the next step. How would I got about questioning the OC affiant? Would it need to be at trial? Do I subpeona him? Can I do it over the phone and does the court need to be aware that I'm questioning him? So many questions...
  5. The trial date for this suit is October 5th. In the meantime, should we file a Motion to Strike the affidavit as hearsay? Or, should I try to get in touch with Dennis Maradei to see if he actually exists or if he's really a bank manager at BOA? I'm not sure what the next step is.
  6. My DV to LVNV/Security Serivices did include a Cease and Desist of all contact. So, if Security Services retained WWR to collect this debt, when WWR sent me their dunning letter, they (Security Services) were in violation of the FDCPA, right? I'm trying to get this straight because I'm going to send them a follow-up DV and possibly threaten to sue if they have violated. Thanks!
  7. The SOL in my state is 3 years, so if I could just bide my time til November of this year, they won't be able to collect since the last activity was 11/08. I'm afraid they're going to be very agressive with this, though. I thought Security Credit Services did hire WWR, which supposedly is a law firm, to collect this. So, WWR would need to hire an attorney in my state also? What else could I do to keep this going without a lawsuit til November? And if Security Services is the actual owner of this debt, aren't they in violation of the FDCPA if they hired WWR to collect even after I sent the
  8. I got a letter about a month ago from Weltman Weinberg and Reis which stated they were collecting on behalf of Security Credit Services for an Old Navy account for GECC. However, around 4 months ago I got a letter from LVNV stating they were collecting on behalf of Security Credit Services and GECC as well. I requested debt validation/C&D with LVNV and WWR. Today I received a letter from WWR which included 2 copies of Old Navy statements. I'm not sure who owns this debt or who has the right to collect. Basically, there are 3 CA's and an OC claiming I owe them. I've read several compla
  9. Thanks so much BV80! I think we're gonna go for the MTD since the SOL on this debt expired this past November. Either way it's dismissed, with prejudice or without, we'll have an absolute defense with the SOL. Unfortunately, they sued him before the SOL expired. Does that seem like the thing to do?
  10. So, MTD or MSJ? And add a case law? Which one should we do? I just want to say thanks to everyone on this amazing forum. I don't know what we would have done if it wasn't for sites like this!
  11. I may be mistaken as I don't know very much about the court system, but it was my understanding that this was the "trial". The judge didn't rule on anything. However, the judge asked my husband and the attorney to step outside and try to come to an agreement. The attorney asked my husband if this was his debt and my husband answered "I don't think it is." The attorney then asked him if his identity was stolen and my husband stated there was a security breach in something to do with his Army National Guard service. The attorney told my husband he would send him an affidavit to sign about h