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  1. I have been trying to settle some credit cards that I defaulted on. On my CR they show as charged off but show the balance at the time of the charge off. Neither the cc companies or CA are calling me to collect which is a bit of a surprise. Anyway, I am wondering if settling them will improve my credit score or if should continue to sit and wait.
  2. My home just has a first mortgage on it with the lender paying for the PMI. Originally it was going to be two loans, but when my wife and I went to closing we learned it was going to be just one loan. I am wondering if I am foreclosed on or short sell it or do a deed in lieu, if the PMI company will sue me for a deficiency judgment. Thanks in advanced.
  3. I just remembered that the Lender sent me a debt verification letter and I replied disputing it. I got letter back from Lender that their letter was inadvertently sent. Then about a week or so after that letter I got another one from them with a copy of the Note plus a payment history. I was just looking at the transaction details and found this: One of the transaction details with a date about a week after the short sale was completed states in the description "Paid In Full" and New Principal balance as $0.00. How does that sound?
  4. I signed an affidavit that says: "In order to complete the sale of the Property, the Seller and the Buyer have jointly asked the Lender to discount the total amount owed on the Loan secured by the Security Instrument. The Lender, in consideration of the representations made below by Seller, the Buyer and their respective agents, agrees to accept the amount XXX to resolve its Loan (pursuant to a separate Agreement between the Lender and the Seller)." The letter from the Lender that accompanied the above agreement stated that it was was only going to release the liens and that I would still be
  5. I was able to short sale a house back in Mar. of this year. I have not heard from the mortgage company whether they are coming after me for a deficiency judgment. However, I pulled my credit report recently and it shows a zero balance. Is that any indication that the mortgage company is not going to seek a judgment?
  6. I was served in FL by a collector in behalf of the OC. However, my CR shows the debt as charged off as bad debt. My thought is that the collector has purchased the debt, but I don't have any proof. The summons only contains one statement from OC. Any thoughts?
  7. echo1

    Thanks everyone

    I also am glad to see your back...many people are going through a refiner's fire (myself included) and definitely need those who have been through this before.
  8. spoke with the branch manager and got it worked out...still had to pay some, but got a lot of the fees removed after explaining the reason it went in the red. Anyway, thanks everyone for your thoughts, the account is closed.
  9. Is this ability to sue based on FDCPA or breach of contract?
  10. I am a noob so forgive me is this is a dumb question...when you motion for dismissal with prejudice is that done verbally at the hearing or do you have to submit a written doc?