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  1. Disagree with the above posters. I think you are expecting too much too soon. Keep using and paying. Try to keep your utilization between 35% to 50% of your CL each month. Open a US Bank account with direct deposit. Don't screw it up. Pay your credit cards electronically every time you get paid. Don't use your cc's to borrow with. Just charge a little here and there so you establish a payment history. Pay them twice a month electronically or whenever you get your check. Do this for a year or so, and you will likely qualify for a US Bank VISA, then you can dump the subprime cards. I
  2. If you paid off the balance and then quit using the card without closing the account they most likely kept the account open and charged their annual fees to your card. Then, you had a balance on your account which you did not pay. Try opening a new account with them. Wait a couple months, then ask for the debt to be verified through Experian. When I did this they dropped the old tradelines because I was using and paying off my new card every stinking month without fail.
  3. I had a card go bad on them 7 yrs ago. Recently I received a preapproved offer from them and now have a card with a 1900 limit.
  4. I had some lates and a charge of on First Premier. I applied for a new card since they appeared to be the only lender willing to give me an unsecured card. They gave me a card and after a few months the old listings magically dissapeared.
  5. I'd wait for them to fall off if you are close to sol.
  6. If your sole purpose is to restablish credit and you pay your bill in full each month then the interest rate doesn't really matter. I got one of these cards when it was the only unsecured credit card I could get. I've paid it in full every month and avoided any fees. My credit score has gone from 590 to 733 and I am now eligible for better cards. This card helped me get there. I'm glad it was available. Just don't misuse it or they will hammer you hard.
  7. I'm new here and have been hiding from my problems for years. Reading the encouraging stories from folks here has helped me. Today I ordered a copy of my credit report, printed it, and requested the Experian verify the debts on there. Next, I'll begin responding to the letters I get in the mail instead of shredding them. Thank you all for inspiring me to face my credit problems.
  8. I understand how to check the SOL law for each state. In Oregon it is six years. But how do I verify the ENDING date of the debt? I'm not sure from looking at my credit report the beginning date of some of the debts. It appears that some of them have "refreshed" the debts several years after they were incurred. Other debts should be near the SOL. Is the beginning date calculated from the time the last payment was made? Or the time they went into collections? Or from some other means?