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  1. I have read a lot of the previous posts on this board and a lot of the articles but still have a question.I requested debt validation from a collection company named collectcorp within 30 days from reciveing their first letter notifying me they had been assigned my credit card debt from bank of america.All they sent me back was a bunch of credit card statements from the last year.They did not send me anything with my signature on it,no orginal credit card appliaction or agreement and nothing proving they have the authorization to collect the debt or purchased it from the orginal creditor.The last payment made on the credit card was about a year ago but the card was opened about 4 or 5 years ago. I did'nt feel they properly validated it but after reading this forum I learned they sent all they had to under the law.My question now is should I write them back and offer to pay them a monthly payment I can afford or not do anything and hope they dont sue me? The credit card amount was for almost $8000 including latee fees and interests..I can only afford to pay them $75 per month.I have not heard anything from them since they sent me the credit card statments in the mail.I have all their numbers blcoked so they can't call me and sent them a ciest and desist letter only allowing them to contact me by mail.I have not received anything form them by mail either. It hasonly been 30 days since they sent me the credit card statements. I am in TN and they are in AZ.If they sue me what are my chances given what they sent me as validation and what shuld I do? I have no money to settle.I have lots of other medical bills and other credit cards in default as well that I not recieved any validation on after requesting it.Would appreaciate any and all suggestions.