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  1. Thanks. Do you know any good sites for finding out CC Assistance for 2011?
  2. I got a letter from something called LHCC, PO Box 515381, Los Angeles, Ca. They said due to the 2011 Credit Card Assistance Program passed by Obama, they can get my debt settled if I qualify for hardship. This sounds like a total scam, and I hate to take your time, but the people here often have pretty arcane knowledge about this kind of thing, and if anybody knows anything about this crew, you'd be doing me and evrybody else a solid if you shared your insights. Thanks
  3. Thanks for the reply. Know somebody who got a letter from Debt Relief, and it took a long time just to find out who owned them. That seemed fishy to me. Thanks again.
  4. Got a flier mailing from Debt Relief Center/Consumer Debt Assistance. Are they any good? Any help at all would be greatly appreciated.
  6. I just looked for some old video of a congressman whose name I can't remember on CSpan or something, but I distinctly remember him saying in response to a really angry caller that somebody had withdrawn this insane amount of cash from the money market funds amd was on clip to crash the whole system in one day. I will keep looking for it, but he said it occurred around 9/11 /2008.
  7. I'm having a slight twinge of regret now about the time I Xeroxed my a--.
  8. When financial institutions do put up the liability of federal reserve notes as due consideration for credit card funds and other forms of credit, they have been known to recieve taxpayer funded bailouts if default occurs. The relationship of these financial institutions is ostensibly no closer to the government than the taxpayer who took the loan (not true, but just assume for the sake of the discussion). Since these "Too big to fail" instituitons get these bailouts to prevent the financial sytem from collapsing, are these institutions not acting as domestic terrorists? Certainly, we would all agree that a borrower who defaulted on his loans and then held a bank hostage ala Dog Day Afternoon would be a form of a terrorist. How much more so is a major institution, which holds a whole society hostage for shakedown purposes? Now, I admit, after holding off foreclosure for 11 years Davet's remark about how they took his house like it was candy from a baby was pretty funny in an ironic way, but disrespecting him by calling him a clown really says that you would have more respect for him if he'd taken out his popgun and started blasting. He tried to go through legal channels, unlike the bailed out banks etc.
  9. "A good collection lawyer is like a is like a polite rapist who gives you a full body massage and stuffs $1000 in your bra after he's done. You still wind up getting screwed against your will." willingtocope-can I forward this comment to the actual author? He'll be laughing his butt off. __________________
  10. In Atlas Shrugged those who wished to be percieved as altruistic actually sought power over others.
  11. I did not write the article, but I acknowledge your complaint. I have been reading this site quite a bit, and think the articles may help some.
  12. These articles have genuinely helped me, and I think they would help others as well. I am not paid for putting them up,I'm doing it because I have a great deal of respect for the author and this site. I'm sorry if you got that impression.
  13.$2.5-Billion-in-Net-Income-or-Old-Lady-Losing-Her-Sanity-and-Home-to-Wells-Fargo&id=4162128 This article was out up on several sites, sometimes without attribution to the author, so I put this up because I thought someone might like it and to credit where credit is due. Well written.
  14. This article explores motivations. I had a sense of "Atlas Shrugged" when I read it, and I felt the writer made an important point-true free market principles are more effective against corporate gangsterism than principles deriving from altruism alone. Human nature is such that striving for survival is a more potent force than mere do-gooderism, and harnessing that force can come from a realistic acceptance of human nature.
  15. I liked this. There is tendency to villify collection attorneys, and this article finds some balance.