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  1. This is the very reason I stopped posting on this forum. I was tired of people telling me "Don't worry about it, you don't owe a dime". If "they" can prove you made purchases, made payments, received statements then YES you owe the money.
  2. Nevermind - I'll stop asking for help on this board. Thanks to everyone who has helped in the past. Good Luck to you all!
  3. Thanks Well I have opted to file later rather than sooner. I will not reaffirm the mortgage. They can have the house back if they really want it. It's in a lousy neighborhood and I have found some nice rentals in better areas.
  4. Again I know...LOL I wish I could have not gotten that judgment. Some cases are not so easy to beat. Especially when the plaintiff reads off your checking account number to the judge showing last payment made. The only way to beat that would have been to lie and that's not me.
  5. Thanks! I called the court house and the judge's assistant told me she spoke directly with the attorney and they faxed the dismissal letter. I did get her name and numbers
  6. Hi everyone! Hope all has been well. I just wanted to give an update on my current court cases. Well I'm still in the process of filing BK. I've retained a lawyer. I had a court trial last week for case #2. Unsecure loan in both my husband and my name. I went to court and they never called my name. I asked what was going on and the judge's assistant told me the judge granted a stay on the case due to the BK. Prior to the trial I faxed the attorney's office a letter stating I retained a BK lawyer and gave them his info. So that's a plus for me - I don't have to fight to get another judgment off
  7. I mailed my fact info sheet late Sept for the case that has the judgment against me. They have not contacted me or called. I did file an affidavit claiming HOH. Have not received the hearing date yet. I was just noticing that I was suppose to attach back paystubs, bank statements, car registration, and house title or deed. I did not attach any of these when I mailed it back. Yesterday I sent a letter to the court and all 3 attorneys who have cc cases against me stating I have retained a lawyer for the process of filing BK7. I'm starting to think I'm going to get into some kind of trouble fo
  8. Ok I know it would be silly of me to re-affirm my mortgage in my Ch 7 because I'm about 80K underwater. I plan on staying in my house and just keep on paying. Does anyone have any experience with Wells Fargo and not reaffirming? What happens if I want to sell down the road? What happens if I ever pay the house off - Is it still mine? Also at the time that I file (Nov 19th) my Nov payment (due date 11/12) would not be paid until 12/3 and Dec's payment would be paid 12/31. Will being 3 weeks late cause a problem and Wells Fargo would move to foreclose?
  9. To be honest I don't know It really shouldn't bother me. I guess this guy struck a nerve w/ me today.
  10. sorry for ranting this is the first time a collection representative actually screamed at me.
  11. Ok for case #3 I received 2 voice messages from someone at the attorney representing Cap One. I have already went to mediation and the amounts on the dunning letter and the summons did not match. The summons total was much lower. I also sent them a DV letter w/ C&D included after I recvd their dunning letter. They answered the DV letter with a summons. So I call this guy back because according to his voice message it was imperative that I call him back ASAP. So before he speaks I tell him my call is being recorded (because it very could be I was on my work phone) Then he tells me it doesn
  12. This is for my 2nd case (unsecured beneficial loan in both names). I have sent them request for documents and they replied with everything even phone logs and signed copy of original loan agreeement. They have filed for summary judgment. I'm not too worried about it b/c I am filing Ch 7 in a month or so. My question is since this is in both mine and DH's name - do you think it would be ok for just myself to go to court? DH asked for the day off work but it was denied and I can't see him calling out sick and possibly getting in trouble at work over this. Also should I tell the judge about my BK