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  1. So, here is my situation: - Foreclosed in 2007 (state of Texas)… I spent hours on the phone with Countrywide begging them to help us find options to save the house. Begged them for a loan modification; they refused to send me to the department who handles that (wish I knew the things I know now). We put the house on the market (short sale), got an offer, submitted that offer to Countrywide and they said they decided to move forward with foreclosure - Purchase money note for second lien. 2nd originally held by CW them transferred to Litton Loans (also spent hours on the phone with them). Proceeds from foreclosure only covered maybe $1000 (assuming CW even sent that to Litton). - Now, credit report shows “charge-off” for Litton. - However, in January of this year some junk debt group (Dyck O’Neal) reported on my CR claiming the amount from Litton Questions: - How the heck can I get both Litton and Dyck off of my CR? I sent a validation letter (via certified mail with signature) to Dyck in December and have not gotten a response. I am planning on sending the 2nd notice tomorrow. I am also planning on sending the credit bureaus the no response/removal letter. - I was under the assumption that Litton should be listed like CW is – “foreclosure”. Is that not the case? - I received a payment in that Countrywide Settlement last year. Is there anything from that case that would protect me with Litton or Dyck for that matter? On a side note: I cannot, for the life of me, get my score to increase. I already got a secured card through Applied Bank. What else can I do? I’ve been doing a ton of research on this and I think my mind is in overload and can’t think right – I could use some help if anyone is willing. THANK YOU SO MUCH!!