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  1. Hi everyone. I'm getting ready to do my second round of letters to the credit reporting agencies. One of my accounts is a credit card from Wells Fargo. It went late in mid- 2005, and I paid it off in a Wells Fargo branch in early 2007. All 3 credit reports have it listed as was charged off - paid. Should I treat this like my other 5 accounts and report that I was never late, or should I write Wells Fargo directly with a goodwill type of letter to get the item deleted from my credit report? Thanks for your help! -Shane
  2. Ah wow, that's good to know! When they converted your secured card to unsecured, did your credit limit remain the same?
  3. Ultimately I'm just here to get help. Internet forums always turn everything into arguments. If you're telling me that my secured card isn't really helping my credit score even though it seems to me that it does, I suppose I'll just have to take that (along with any other advice I get) with a grain of salt. Thanks for taking the time to answer some of my questions, and address my concerns. -shane
  4. I currently have a secured Orchard Bank credit card with a limit of $500. I've had it for about 2 years, and sometime soon I'd like to ask them if they would make it unsecured. If they do, will my unsecured limit be the same as my secured card limit? I'm considering sending them another $500 or so to raise my limit. Would I end up with a $1000 limit on my unsecured card? Thanks! Shane
  5. So thanks to this thread, my thread ("What would help my score more" in Credit Repair) was locked. I still have a few unanswered questions and I was really hoping I could get help from other people who'd been in my place before. I don't understand why a moderator would lock a thread like that. I also don't understand why this person would use silly childish terms like "fako" and "sucker score". I don't see anything convincing in this thread that there's some conspiracy involving multiple credit scores - and I sure haven't read it anywhere else in my research. If this moderator has uncovered such a thing, I'm sure it would be very shocking and important news to a lot of people. Anyhow, I guess I'll repost my question in a new thread and hope a mature adult who's either been where I am, or has some advice they can give me will help me.
  6. So... I should raise my limit then?
  7. What would help my credit more: Settling a charged-off account for $500, or raising my secured credit card limit by $500? Thanks! Shane