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  1. I don't know. I'll have to research insolvency. Thanks for the reply!
  2. State just in case its applicable: Virginia
  3. I made the 5 hour drive and visited the courthouse today. Spoke to a clerk and she said it didn't matter where the garnishment summons was sent. That I didn't need to be present for the hearing. And that since their was a judgement in place, all that was going to happen is whatever money that was garnished from me (nothing to date due to the current in place garnishment) would be handed to the collection agency. But since nothing was collected, that the judge will likely dismiss the garnishment. Also said the CA could have seized my bank account at any point to date. She said there was no motion I needed to file or anything. Basically nothing I could do outside of pulling what little funds I have out of the bank (just in case) and contacting the CA to try and settle.
  4. The judgement was filed in VA. They're suing me through the same jurisdiction for the garnishment order. Even though the judgement is in VA, they can't do that? Is that how I understand? Would I just call the courts and let them know this?
  5. Backstory.... Debt accumulated in VA. Divorced dad. Unemployed from late 2008 to early 2010. Wages earned in 2010 to 2014 were low (less than 40k a year) Led to failed marriage,etc. After divorce, I moved to NC for a better job. Garnishment in place that covers child support and spousal support. Covers the full 50% of post tax income, and I still need to send approx. 150 a month additional to DCS afterwards. I received a judgement in 2010 for a credit card debt over 8k. This was from trying to pay bills during unemployment with CC. Credit card turned it to the law firm, who sued. Received a garnishment letter (indirectly - they served it to my old address with ex wife, even though my address updated with the courts) earlier this summer. Court date is in October. I currently reside in NC. I've been given mixed information on how to proceed.... I've been told that since the max allowable garnishable amount is being withdrawn due to the CS/SS, that I the law firm likely won't receive anything additional and I should just contact them directly to try and "settle for less than full amount." But in researching here and other sites, it sounds like once they're awarded the garnishment, they'll be able to immediately sieze my bank account. Even with the better job, because of the in place garnishment, I'm still the model of paycheck to paycheck living. So having my bank accounts seized at any point would be (not to be dramatic) potentially devastating. All my credit black eyes are from 2008-2009, and I'm trying to rebuild, so I don't want to go the bankruptcy route. Thank you for reading, and sorry if this was long winded. Any advice is appreciated. As is, I'm considering withdrawing what little funds I need in my checking account, while leaving a small amount in. Doing money orders etc to pay bills. Hopefully there's a better option.
  6. I have a judgement on my report from 2009. There have been no efforts from anyone to try to collect it for several years. If I saved up, I could probably settle it in a year or so. At that point though, the judgement would be 5 years. If I don't have plans to buy a house or do anything like that, is it really beneficial to satisfy a judgement if its not going to improve my score? Would paying it re-set the 7 year window they can report it on my CR?
  7. Paid this at the end of last week. Thanks for the help all.
  8. thank you. I guess I'll call them back and tell them to send me a letter stating they'll consider it settled for the 30%. Once I get that, I'll pay. Anything specific I need to ask for in writing?
  9. Also, if I accept this offer, what do I need to get from them? I know I want to get something in writing, but do I just tell them to send me a letter saying they'll accept the 30% and considering settled, then mail them certified funds? What do I mail to the three credit reporting agencies at that point?
  10. Have a charge off with NFCU. They sent a letter offering to settle for a lump sum of 40%. I don't have that much, but could possibly do around 30%. Called them, told them I'd send them a lump sum of about 30% if they'd remove negative tradelines. They said they couldn't do that. Then I said okay, I'll settle at 30% if you put Paid in Full. They said they couldn't, could only put Paid in Full if I paid at least 50%. So it looks like my option is to settle at 30% or ignore it and wait for the judgement. I've had great accounts with them for years. Multiple loans, never defaulted. Nearly 15 years good standing account history. If I settle for less than full, isn't that still a huge ugly black mark on my credit report? Is it beneficial for me to accept that offer?
  11. Yes it still within the statute of limitations. Do I call the number they have listed on the letter? Would that just put me through to a low level collections person? Should I ask to speak with anyone in particular? What if they balk at my requests? Would having spoken to them reset the SOL or anything? I want to make things right, because I had good business with them for over a decade. I just fell on hard times and I couldn't afford to keep paying. Even now, while I can probably do something, it would be a struggle. I'm not just trying to be cheap here or anything.
  12. If this isn't in the right forum please move, moderators. Thank you. I had an account with Navy Federal Credit Union that went into default. They sent me a letter saying basically they wont seek a judgement if I remit payment in full within 15 days. Also says they would accept a lump sum payment of about 40% of total due. I cant pay full amount, but I might be able to get the 40% together with tax returns, etc. How should I proceed? And what guarantees are there that if I decided to pay the 40%, they don't just still come after me for the remaining amount? Can I negotiate a lower amount? Or get them to delete negative tradelines from my CR as a condition of paying?
  13. Thanks for the advice! I actually have a lot of negative accounts based on job loss from 2009. I will be reading this forum quite a bit over the next year on how to clean stuff up. Most of the negatives are from 2009/2010, so they're aged a little. Regarding my car, I think I will pay a large sum of it, then make payments on the remainder over 6-8 months like Amerikaner83 suggested. I also like the idea of getting a new credit account. I'll look into that. Currently my only open lines of credit is my car loan and my student loan that I'm paying on.
  14. Would paying the judgement re-set the 7 years it's to stay on your CR? I have a judgement from early 2010. So it would fall off in early 2017. But if I make a payment or settle it with the law firm, would it stay on my report (albeit paid/settled) until late 2019?
  15. I owe about 3k on my car loan. Right now, it's current, but the car was reposessed two years ago and even though I got it back to current and got the car back, it's shown as a negative account ever since. It's financed through my bank. I have enough money to pay it off now. My question is, should I pay it off entirely? or should I continue to make the regular monthly payments in hopes that it will return to a positive account/continue to show good payment history?
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