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  1. For the Federal Liens, I would go get a copy of the lien at the County Clerk. Halfway down the page is some boxed text, which says "this lien is self releasing....". Send this to the CRA to document your dispute. M
  2. I think your issue is a family court matter. If you go to the court, the clerk there will help you file a petition to enforce the settlement agreement. Its a plain language document in most states. And since it is agreed upon, should be little contention. You might mention to your EX, your intentions. Hopefully he will rise to his responsibilities and you can settle the matter on the courthouse steps.
  3. I had a similar situation. For a partial settlement with the judgment creditor, I received a vacatur. A document vacating the judgment. You can use this to remove the entry from your credit report. good luck
  4. They show unpaid. They were retired by installment agreement 3 years following. I have no current tax liability and don't want to harsh my 700 scores. Thanks very much for replying.
  5. No. Wouldn't obtaining one of these and filing it just freshen the entry and continue it, diminishing my current score?
  6. Hi, I am at wits end to remove these entries. The debt was retired through a payment agreement and the statute is expired also. I disputed them twice. No Luck Sent a request for the method of verification, still waiting. I even wrote letters to the County Clerk asking if they ever had any direct communication re: verification or a even a methodology for verification. No answer. I had hopes they would tell me no and and I could bounce that back to Equifax , alleging they failed to reasonably investigate. Any suggestions? Please and Thank You.