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  1. Nyqutie,

    Could you please provide the information on how you got the 60 day late fee, (ACS) removed from your credit report? 

  2. I know many have posted request for the ACS contact information here on the board, but I don't visit much these day my best advice is to contact the many people on this board I have already provided the contact information to. Please don't send me a private message for I will no longer be updating this thread. Good luck to you all.
  3. The judgement hasn't been renewed if it was could they reinlist it on my credit reports? Thanks
  4. Good Evening All! Quick question. I had a judgement (not on any reports had them removed) for Providian Visa the judgement was filed back in 2005 I didn't know about it. Anyway today I get a call from Portfolio Recovery telling me that they have a judgement regarding this account that it was filed last year in 2010 meanwhile I'm looking at the judgement papers as she chats away. Funny thing is they had an address that was 4 years old 9not showing on any reports by the way), but they had my current number. The lady tells me the total and then says oh that isn't the right balance yada...yada... I say I'll give you my new address please send me everything you have. She starts saying I have to get another department to send the paperwork and simply acting like she can't confirm any information because the case has a fresh judgement and they haven't gotten the paperwork bull this judgement is over 6 years old. Can they file a second judgement on this account is my real concern the account is way past the statute of limitations and the judgement was removed from all of my credit reports last year. Should I be concern about another judgement? Thanks for your assistance
  5. Personally I wouldn't put my current phone number on my credit reports, that's just information they don't need to know. That's just me..... I have left a old phone number on the report just for the ****s... and giggles let them hound someone else....lol
  6. Paying charge off accounts will not increase your credit score at all. However, if you can get the two companies to agree to a PFD (Pay For Delete) that would be the best outcome for you. Or if they could change the status of how the account is reporting. Paid as agreed never late, but what I've come to understand is a paid charge off or one that hasn't been paid will reflect basically the same. I might be wrong so perhaps a more seasoned member will chime in.
  7. TaylorM, You provided some wonderful information and support to the OP, but the only thing I would be caution of is with adding a personal statement to ones credit report. It stands to reason that for the most part no ones reads those statements and computers evaluate peoples reports anyway. The other reason I would be caution is it can draw attention to problems or exacerbate them. You could be unknowingly confirming you are a bad risk by outlining that divorce or medical hardship. That is just my .2cent but I would think hard a long before adding any sort of statement.
  8. Opting out means stopping the Credit Agencies from selling your personal information to third parties. You can opt out by doing the following: There are many ways to opt out of credit card offers, such as: Calling 1-888-5-OPTOUT (1-888-567-8688) to have your name removed from direct marketing lists. You can do this online at OptOutPreScreen.com, which is the official consumer credit reporting industry opt-out website. Contacting the individual credit bureaus by sending your request to the following addresses: Equifax at: Equifax Inc PO Box 740123 Atlanta, GA 30374-0123 TransUnion at: TransUnion Name Removal Option P.O. Box 505 Woodlyn, PA 19094 Experian at: Experian 901 West Bond Lincoln, NE 68521 Attn: Consumer Services Department You might also want to do this as well: Stop unsolicited telemarketing calls by registering your telephone number online at WWW.DONOTCALL.GOV. You can also call toll-free at 1-888-382-1222 (TTY 1-866-290-4236), from the telephone number you wish to register. Registration is free, and will stop most, but not all, telemarketing calls.
  9. 10 Things found in a Greenhouse.... 1. Plants 2. Potting soil 3. Flowers 4. Plastic planting trays 5. Hoses 6 Fertilizer 7. Seeds 8. bugs (insects) 9. A hoe (times must be really hard) 10. ______________ (This poster starts the next game)
  10. I have been dealing with FP (First Premier) for a little over 6 months now I obtained the Presidents email address (I posted that info in another thread on this board); but the person he selected to help me wasn't doing it for me. I decided to hit him up via the mail and was prepared to write him a letter every week until this mess of a tradeline was fixed. No need my first Goodwill Letter did the trick. BTW Tradeline wasn't mine family member took it out in my name. So if the account is not yours go straight to the HEAD MAN in charge and I'm sure you will get results. Just today I got a letter telling me the trade line was being deleted.
  11. Too many people in the last 6 months have contacted my contact I'm sure. When I received the information it had been over a year since her contact information had been passed around. It took me weeks to track down an original poster who might still have the information and since she had not been active on the forum I found the post it was hard. It was a fluke that one of the original people who received the information had her email attached to her profile and I took a chance and emailed her and she was nice enough to both respond and forward me the information. Perhaps I will slow down providing the contact information so not to make it harder for others in the future. Perhaps contacting others is the best shot at getting your information removed. Good Luck
  12. ceretta, It is reassuring to know that a good will letter has worked with Sallie Mae. If you don't mind sharing via PM (if you feel more comfortable) the address and contact in which you sent your letters to. If you have a specific name and number of the person you spoke with that would help as well. These late payments are over 5 years old and I have already paid my loans with Sallie Mae I was hoping to have the lates removed sooner than the 7 year reporting period. Any help you can provide would be wonderful. Thanks
  13. Luckyboy, Thanks a clean credit report is amazing! The ACS contact information that I was lucky (no pun intended) to come about has helped me tremendously in cleaning up my student loan tradelines. Now if I could have the same luck with Sallie Mae (uurrgh). Anyway check your PM and good luck. NYQutie
  14. Chauncey welcome to the forum and good luck with ACS. Check your PM and please post your results with the forum. Good Luck NYQutie