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  1. OK so I think I should just sit, watch, and wait and see if she files within 20 day time frame. Another question about the attorney who drew up and executed the "Pretend Mortgage" how will this effect him?
  2. OK if she files a complaint I will get an attorney.I am sure this is what she would expect me to do. But I know her well and if she could have she would have by now.I would not be surprised if I retained an attorney tomorrow she would satisfy the mortgage as soon as she found out. I do not wish to see her jailed but if she pushes it that far I can live with it. So in the event that she does not file a complaint how do I go about getting the mortgage invalidated? I have read all about recession for fraudulent activity by the lender. But where do I start? With a summons and complaint? I have all kinds of notes that would go into the defence of a foreclosure but very little of nothing if I were to start a cause of action. Even if I do not use anything I have learned or will learn during this excursion I am certain I will be able to use it at some other point in my life or a least teach my children/grandchildren something of value. Thank you all for your help notsosure
  3. How would I go about that? Who would I call? The prosecutor in my county? And you are right it is not funny at all.I am just trying to laugh instead of crying. "my friend" had a stroke just before the falling out. I know can not afford to loose the house.But not sure if I could live with myself with her being jailed.\
  4. OK you guys yall are forcing me totell more than i want to here but here if goes everything I have said about the mortgage is the truth,really really it is. But the bigger issue to her however is that she wants my husband. There I said it!!! That is what the falling out was about in 2005. I never thought it would have lasted this long i got over real fast she however has not. I have told my husband to just move in with her till this is over:lol::lol: he is not laughing. This is true.
  5. Come on now 4,000.00 just to start to do what? tell me she did not give the money LOL:lol: I will if I have to. This is one thing I feel she is hoping I do.
  6. Yes I surely will if she files a complaint. I do not think she will or can. In other words as said earlier in the thread she will have hard time getting an attorney to go that far. Also if she could have she would have. She is not holding back because of 26 year friendship for sure. Thank you to everyone for your help notsosure
  7. LOL :lol: If you knew the lady (my friend)you would more understand just how bizarre she is. Is there any reason I should fight the Lis Pentens. I promise no complaint has been filed but she has only 20 days to complain and the lis pendons exspires. Oh my goodness I hope someone is getting a good laugh over this thread.
  8. Can you tell me just how to do that? And how many cause of of actions? do you think I would have based on the scambled(my) mess you see.No complaint as been filed as of yet and I really do not think she will.I just found out you have 20 days after filing the Lis pendens to file a complaint.
  9. I do apologize for being snotty I have been quilty of thinking people IRL should be able to read my mind:oops: Thank you for bringing this to my attention in the kindest way. notsosure
  10. The Notice of default and Acceleration does not have to be filed in court.Well i don't think so?was not filed at any rate it and it was not on the attorney letter head and was not even signed. It is a thirty day right to cure we did not cure instead we sent a letter And I assume the letter is as useless as the Les Pendens? Then yesterday we we got the Lis Pendons Really what I trying to find out is on the statue of fraud six years from the time realized how d we show legally when we realized it? Thank you for your patients
  11. No I was not served I received it in the mail. I am certain she has NOT filed a complaint I just checked again this morning. There was ADR (Alternative Dispute Resolution) was attached to the Lis Pendens and worded in such a way as to lead me to believe it was mandatory.But it is not. The Lis Pendens that I recieved had not been stamped at the court house and no case number was on it not that any of this has to do with the two questions I still have on the table:(
  12. NO MONEY CHANGED HANDS FOR THIS MORTGAGE!!! The taxes were late for one year and she paid them. I have two questions on the table if anyone can answer please do' This is the longest thread on this forum but I am the one answering questions. I know this is just weird but is what it is. Just think about it what benefit would I get If I did not give the facts as they are. Do you think I am some bored housewife trying to entertain myself? Or a moron (well the mortgage shows I was in 2003) Would you like to see the actual mortgage? It is public information. Can anyone tell me about the statutes of limitations on fraud as to how I show when it was realized? And would it be best for me to file a complaint against her or wait for her to try to foreclose? SHE HAS NOT FILED A COMPLAINT AS OF TODAY AND I DO NOT THINK SHE EVER WILL. She as allot to loose she is a Real Estate Broker who has committed fraud among many other unethical things. But yes you do have a good nose there are other issues involved personal issues that have nothing to do with THIS MORTGAGE. Thank you all for your help notsosure
  13. No I was not served I received it in the mail. I am pretty certain she has NOT filed a complaint but I will check. The ADR (Alternative Dispute Resolution) was attached and worded in such a way as to lead me to believe it was mandatory.But it is not. I know this lady very well and she will send me to "chase rabbits" (as she has always said ) but I do not and will not play games. So I can initiate a suit and I will. Well well shouldn't the Lis Pendens have a case number? Well I did check and the Lis Pendens has been filed, odd that mine dose not have the case number. Anyway no complaint has been filed. I thought a Lis Pedends meant a complaint had been filed and I am sure in a normal situation it would have been but I looked it up ....Lis pendens is Latin for "suit pending." As I said she has to know and the attorney has to know there is no way in H*** she could have a chance.(spoke with her attorney on Monday and he recommended I call her and I did.When I called her a liar we ended the conversation) She is hoping that she can intimidate my daughter. But hey on the other hand she has known me for as long as I have know her,she knows or should know I fight tooth and over a wrong doing. But I would you the shirt off my back if you needed it. Thanks again for any suggestions notsosure
  14. right but does that mean that I can not start a complaint against her? Or should I wait for her to file a complaint? thank you notsosure
  15. OK now that everyone understands this ridiculous situation I am in, I received Lis Pendens today attached to a ADR... oops i tried to put the link here but do not have enough posts yet:oops: if you want it I guess I could send it in a PM? Not only am I exempt because it is a foreclosure issue I am not in a county where it is mandated So I have a few questions... #1 does the Lis Pendens mean I can not start a suit against her? This is what i was thinking of doing. #2 Or would it be best to wait until she starts foreclosure? The statues of limitations on fraud in South Carolina is six years form what I understand that means from the time it is realized. #3 How do I show when I realized it? I have decided not to retain an attorney just yet, $4000,00 is a lot of money and I think the law is more on my side then hers. She must have been advised of this also or she would have just started foreclosure, wouldn't you think? thank you all for sorting this bazaar mess! notsosure