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  1. Thanks for the advice. I'm now wishing I had taken down the card number when he offered it :/ . There was no hesitation when I answered, they responded right away. I still have the phone number they called from. Should I call back and get the account number and their address so I can send them a c&d letter? And how do I keep an eye on the courts? They have my old address - haven't lived there in years. I definitely don't want them to file suit without my knowledge and end up getting it defaulted...
  2. I received a call today from Allied Interstate - the guy asked for me by maiden name and I've been married for 14 years so that caught me offguard, lol. I told him that's not my name anymore but how could I help him. He verified my (old) mailing address and then immediately went into details of some credit card debt from back before 1999. I said, huh?! I don't remember said credit card. He asked if I remembered the name of the bank "Associates". Nope. I don't. He asked for my social which I refused to give him so he gave me my last four and they were right. He again asked if I remembered the c
  3. NOTE: I'm in the middle of purchasing home. (appraisal done!) Background info: About 3 years ago, my dad helped me finance my car (his credit was better than mine). I have always paid on time. Over the last year, I started to seriously work on my credit. I went from 616 to 740 in just 6 months and have remained there for the last 6 months. So... I decided to make the leap and buy a house! I'm in the middle of the process - have been pre-approved, found the house, and we just got the appraisal done. Funding the loan isn't too far off. So while I'm doing good credit-wise, my parents aren't and
  4. Blah! Request denied... I received a letter back from the CA stating that my "request for validation is not timely" and therefore they are not required to properly validate (even though I sent them a PFD offer, not a DV request). They just listed the account info and doubled the original amount owed by adding interest and fees. I think my next step is going to be to once again dispute (last time I disputed this with the CRA was four months ago) and I'm going to call the OC to see if they sold the debt or if they can still pull it from the CA (I doubt they can since the debt is more than 6 year
  5. I tried to get a paid collection off my report with a goodwill letter and I too have been unsuccessful. I'm going to give begging another chance and see what comes of it. Since it's been paid, I don't think we have any leverage so we're at the mercy of the creditor. So put on some knee pads and get to beggin'!
  6. @strive - Awesome news!!! Good to see you're a successful begger, lol. j/k I think I need more practice... I didn't give up. I sent my letter, via email to the CEO of Verizon. I received no reply. Three weeks later, I forwarded the email again and begged him to please consider my request. The next day, I received a phone call from someone in his office! Very nice lady. She said she would do her best to investigate and see what she could do. About 4-5 days later, she called back to say she did not have good news. Said they aren't able to remove it and apologized again. I'm thinking of calli
  7. That's awesome! I wish my credit union offered that service. Does it put a hard inquiry on your report?
  8. Sure. No need. Just state that you are disputing, list the tradelines, and your reason for dispute and include a copy of your DL as proof of identity. Good luck!
  9. well boo-hoo.... I received a reply in the mail from Verizon and my request was de-nied! It's just a form letter. It says.... So no goodwill from Verizon. At least not yet. I just got the email addy of the CEO so I'm going to forward the letter to him and remind him that this is not a dispute but a request for goodwill on their part. Fingers crossed!
  10. Say wha! I hope it's not legal but I'm thinking it is as long it's still within the 7yr reporting period and you aren't disputing the debt. Not sure though... Did they ever reply to your offer?
  11. dispute with the CRA via CMRRR as not mine and attach the letter supporting your dispute. Remind them that they are reporting inaccurate information. If it again comes back as verified, dispute with the bank again. Request that they have it removed themselves as they do have the power to do that....
  12. lol! I'm just as confuzzled as the rest of the rookies on here! I'm also trying to wrap my head around all of this and hopefully come out on the other side lawsuit-free!
  13. thanks tx3amigos! I got your PM. I like it! I wish I had personalized mine more but I had already mailed it by the time I got yours I sent it CMRRR and was told they'll probably receive it by thursday which is the end of the month! So maybe I'll get lucky! Oh I'm crossing my fingers! Even if they counter offer, at least it'll be hope. Waiting is haaaard....
  14. @strive4credit - As far as good willin' goes, I'm only dealing with Verizon. I'm also PFD'ing Cornerstone Credit Svc, a local Anchorage CA. I'm also dealing with Asset Acceptance, ick! I'm scared of Asset! lol I've seen quite a few lawsuits around here from Asset and I want to avoid that as much as I can. The SOL for Asset is about 7 more months or so so I'm hoping I make it that far and then I'll try to PFD them. I'm gonna go do a search for "corporate email addresses".. this way, if Verizon doesn't agree to my GW letter, at least I won't have to give up! Still waiting on a written response..