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  1. Will debt consolidation and debt settlement reduce credit scores and stay on our public records ?
  2. Most of banks provide financial support to deserving students for pursuing higher, professional or technical education. Why don’t you opt this option?
  3. I am really impressed that there so much about Bankruptcy to learn. To be very frank many things were not clear to me earlier. Really great stuff !
  4. Great! I want to thank you for link you shared, I assure this would be beneficial for us in one or the other ways
  5. Debt is something that many people struggle with and if you let it get out of control it will consume you and your life. Learn the snowball affect. That means start paying off you lowest amount first. Take the amount and pay more than that. and while doing this you need to pay the minimum of the other debts. then when the lowest amount is paid off you take that amount you were paying for it and roll it into the next lowest debt. this is what we in the finance industry call the snowball effect. It works and works well. Good luck paying off your debt and don’t let it consume you.
  6. Interesting facts and stats. Thanks. Keep posting
  7. Thanks for the list. Checked out the sites. They are definitely worth spending time browsing
  8. Yes, in case of credit repair, you do not want a software to write letters for you as you want that extra touch of personalized letters which may be very important to get attention.
  9. As somebody who has just joined the forum, I found this an excellent post. I am still trying to learn all the facts and details posted by people, many of which you have assimilated here. Thanks for helping me along.
  10. Here is the part that most people do not realize, a 120 day late payment gets factored the same as a foreclosure.