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  1. PS. Just looking for friendly advice on our next move short of hiring a lawyer that will cost more than the $608.25 they claim she owes.
  2. Always remember ( I have a come medical debt ) that Doctors and Hospitals are in business to make money,not help people. They help people for large amounts of money.
  3. I'll try to be as detailed as possible for everyone. In March I had received a phone call from the Law firm Kramer and Frank here in St.Louis claiming to be trying to collect on behalf of their client, Midland Funding . The aid on the phone asked to speak to my wife. I informed her I was her husband and what can I help her with. She stated whom she was and that they were calling about a debt my wife had and the amount. I requested on my wife's behalf for DV and that all the required documents be original from the OC with original signature of my wife and so forth to be sent certified mail. At this point,the lady began to argue with me saying they had everything needed and for my wife to pay the money. I told her my wife will be happy to pay when and if they can prove DV in requested form. Needless to say she hung up and said if I call them back,they would call the police for threats ( none were EVER made ). I called my wife immediately after this and told her what happened. She called them and asked whom Midland Funding was demanded DV exactly as I did the same why I did. They told her they would garnish her wages,take our joint account,take her car and our ( me and my wife's ) truck we are making payments on.She asked them how they can touch anything with my name on it and they pretty much told her sense we are married,I am defacto responsible. Which I'm pretty sure is bogus seeing as this supposed debt was incurred before we ever met. After a few weeks I attempted to call the law firm to find out where the DV by certified mail was and that we never received it. We never received a reply back. As of last night, my wife was served court papers being sued for $608 dollar. We had never heard of Midland Funding till that day and never once received ANY mail or phone calls from them about any debt.We told the aid that and she all but called me a liar. Me and my wife's question is 1) Can they go after our joint checking even though I have nothing to do with this? ( We are removing her name from the account Monday to be safe ) 2) Can they go after our truck that has my name on it and on the loan that we are still paying on? To me, I would think they would try sense it's worth $9,000 and would net them A LOT more than the debt is worth. 3) We are transferring her car to my name only or a family members shortly.That should keep the car safe,correct? We will be appearing in court to at least prevent default judgment and some how fight this. If anyone in St.Louis has dealt with them and could meet and help us out,that would be great.
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