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  1. Ok I just found this thread and I just got another dun letter from a MRS Associates. This letter states that the CURRENT owner of the debt is LVNV with the ORIGINAL as Credit One. There is a second sheet, a privacy notice. In this notice there is a listing of 19+ company names that are associated with this Sherman Companies. Isn't this MRS Associates ALSO a division of LVNV? If so, how can they legally state they were retained by LVNV for collection of this debt? It states in here that interest is continuing to accrue "as provided for in your agreement with the original creditor". Now how can LVNV / MRS continue to charge me interest for a debt that I did not accrue with them? Credit One has already charged off on the debt and now sold it. I would think that therefore I cannot owe interest on a debt they (Credit One) doesn't own? It doesn't make sense to me. They will be getting the C&D letter sent to them tomorrow.. Along with a Midland collections? Anyone got any info on them?