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  1. In the OC charge card agreement, it states "Arbitration clause does not apply to active duty service members". Being an active duty service member, how does that affect the situation either way?
  2. Thanks for the great information. Unfortunately, I'm not well versed in arbitration and I have never been sued, so really don't want it to go that far. Besides the usual reporting inaccuracies on my CRs and the one time that they called my cellphone while I was at work, I don't feel there is much to go on. It sucks, but I don't see any other options than to wait it out or pay it.
  3. OC is Webbank/Dell, Dell tried to help but the account was sold to PRA.
  4. Looking for advice with respect to the infamous JDB Portfolio Recovery. The amount is $1,580 and the OC sold the account to PRA, so the only one that is reporting is PRA and of course they are reporting on a regular basis. The DOFD is 3/2015 and the SOL is 3 years, so it is still within the SOL for the state that I am in. I am military, so there is no telling what state I will be in next year (maybe new SOL). I sent PRA a GW letter two months ago looking for a PFD (I know I know) or some form of settlement agreement, but haven't received anything. They call regularly, but I don't answer the phone and I will not talk to JDBs. My previous DV that I received awhile back consisted of two account statements, which seems to be the norm. I really want to get this behind me and move on with my life. Recommendations??
  5. I think I just lost a few braincells after reading those posts.
  6. Recently I had a large Installment Account that had quite a few recent late payments on it. I sent a "Goodwill Gesture" to the company to see if they would remove the late payment reporting. They wrote back that they couldn't remove the lates but instead they offered to completely remove the account from all three bureaus and to never report again. It was removed like a week later. I was totally blown away that they offered me a deal like this and I was grateful; it boosted my scores big time.
  7. From experience, the biggest thing I think when dealing with getting a high level security clearance is to be honest about everything. They understand that people can have credit issues and as long as you are honest about it and show that you are progressing to make things better it will go good.
  8. I have a question and hopefully one of the smart ones on this forum will give me some advice. I have an installment loan that is a pretty large payment every month.I have been 30 days late just about every month for the last year or so and 60 days late one time. I finally just got caught up and it is now current. I sent the company a goodwill gesture for the late payments and they responded with a letter that they cannot remove the late payments, however if I would like they will remove the TL from all three CR and not report any more for the duration of the loan. It sounds pretty good to me because I have other installment loans and I think the lates are killing my score. Any advice would be greatly appreciated. Thanks
  9. I had an AU negative TL on my report recently and I disputed it online with the CRA; it was deleted without any issues. I have no idea why it didn't work for you.
  10. Well I sent them a PFD offering 25% of the amount. They in return put a KD on my CR for July that lowered my score about 60 points. The prior KD was in 2007, so with this updated now it crushed my score. Is this legal? Is it a form of retaliation?
  11. I don't see you having a problem getting a Secret Clearance. The biggest mistake that people make in applying for clearances in the military, is that they are not honest on the applications. Honesty goes along way and the government understands that people can have credit issues. They especially like to see when you make an attempt to clear things up. I think you will be fine....
  12. Second, never pay a CA. If it is yoursk, call the original creditor. Pay them.
  13. Ok...I think I might of killed a few brain cells after reading this last post.
  14. I am looking for a little bit of guidance here. I sent DV letter to CA for a utility bill under $500 from December 2005. The CA sent me CMRR validation of the bill. The CA hasn't bothered me in years, however I am wanting to get this off of my CR. What is my best option? Do I start out by trying to do a PFD with the CA? Any help will be greatly appeciated.....this credit repair stuff can drive you nuts!!
  15. I disputed to the CRA's about the negative TL's on my CR where I was only an authorized user. Both were deleted today. I guess the online dispute does work on occasion.
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