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  1. Okay paying off these credit report bills is going well. The new problems resides with a medical bill actually 3 that are on the CR. Roughly 3 years ago when i was going through my divorce i was rushed to the hospital for a MI and spent 7 days in icu/ccu because of it. The address in which they had on file at the hospital was the address in which i use to reside with my ex and the bills they sent never got to me because my ex has either tossed them or kept them. For the past 4 months i have been under a payment aggreement with the collection agency for the hospital for a grand total of $14,000
  2. Thanks for the insight i was already a member of usaa and had seen that product that they over and was really tempted on using it i need to call them and see exactly how it works and make sure you don't loose points or take hits when they pull it everyday from all 3 CRA.
  3. Understandable. So how long should i wait before i check the CRA reports to see if they have fixed the ones i have paid.
  4. Thanks for the great insight on this i will try to contact the orginal creditors on the rest of them and see what happens gonna try one at a time that way i can get it paid and not worry about the others calling and harrassing me about the bills. As for my parents and their line of credit i am afraid not my mother has never lived by a card at all and she will never have one and she is the only family i have left so i am currently out of luck on that one.. Just out of curiousity i wonder how much of a dip in the score will i have once i pay all these off hopefully it is not a dramatic dip and
  5. The state i reside in is Ky and the the state the debts are in is Ky as well. Ok so the first thing i do is contact the original debtors first and ask to pay them instead of the credit collections department they turned it over to. And if they say they can no longer handle it i have to speak with the collections department i call them and ask for a settlement offer correct. Once i get an offer hopefully or pay these items off i keep a paper trail with all the reciepts. as i stated i can pay these off in 2 months. so will these collectors notify the CRA or is that something i must do that thes
  6. august 17, 2009 State liens paid off AFNI yes there was 2 cell phone accounts i was going through a divorce and had to make sure my children stayed in contact with me this was july of 06 yes i stopped paying on them cause my ex had ran up the bills by taking the phones from the kids. CBNA well that one is a hospital bill that should have been workers comp my employer has said that he will pay that one this week for me i have tried to contact the hospital regarding this You stated, "On your coll accts, find the DOFD and WHO they are collecting for. I might be able to give you direction spec
  7. Thanks for the quick response here are the items in question State Tax Lien #1 Date Filed: Claim Amount: 12/06/2001 $1,424 State Tax Lien #2 Date Filed: Claim Amount: 04/21/2009 $1,342 Okay both of these have been paid in full and still show as active not released on the credit reports I have went to the deeds office and recieved a release of the liens that was filed on 1-25-2010 Negative Credit AFNI which is an att cell bill Collection account. $751 past due as of Feb 2009. Date Opened: 12/2008 Reported Since: 02/2009 Date of Status: 02/2009 Last Reported: 02/2009 This company wants to set
  8. I have went through a divorce around 3 years ago and recently just remarried. My wife has outstanding credit but mine score is 583 right now. We are trying to purchase a home but with my score that is not an option right now. I have pulled my credit reports to get an idea of what is on it. Right now there is roughly 2,000 in unpaid debt on the reports dating back from 2006. The statue of limitations have not ran out on these yet and the state i live in is KY. There is currently a tax lien from the state on the report but that has been paid in full but still lingers on the report and i have bee