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  1. How does this protect the debtor if the CA accepts the money and does not keep their promise? If the CA gets the money and keeps collecting this agreement is void.
  2. The power of this is knowing your not alone! I remember after being in a wreck and thinking I was the only one in the world suffering pain that I would probably be better off dead. Until I found an internet group of people going through the exact same pain as me. This was the greatest feeling in the world that I was not alone, I was not crazy and others were experiencing the same things I was. This is a similar feeling I had after finding this group. Even if they never come back please understand everyone who helps here probably touches peoples live in a very positive way.
  3. Send them at the same time whether they are different envelopes or not, no reason to wait.
  4. I sent you a template letter in a private message you could use as an idea on offering less than what is owed to clear your credit.
  5. You may want to look at HospitalVictims.org - Helping you fight for reasonable hospital prices and health care costs! while you are waiting on a response here.
  6. search for a site called hospital Victims dot com. They have some great information there about this and letters you can use to protect your rights. We have about 34k of unexpected medical bills and we send about $5.00 a month to each bill. If she could just start sending a small amount that may be enough to avoid a collections hassle.
  7. Our county has a nice law library for citizens that includes a PC to look up cases and print them out. You may be able to do that and avoid the clerks office all together.
  8. Why not go to the court house and look up your case and see whats been done on it. If there is no Judgement signed by the Judge then file something, anything even if you have to hand write it to buy you some time, maybe if the judge sees your trying he wont sign a judgement without a hearing. I see that sort of thing all the time in court records here.
  9. According to Discovers own agreements they CANNOT sell the account so don't waste your time with that line of thought.
  10. The mortgage company should take into account that you cant file bankruptcy again for X number of years thus making you a lower risk to finance. I have had people in finance tell me they considered someone one month out of BK a lower risk than someone 10 years past.
  11. Is IMPROPER PLAINTIFF the only reason for MTD given? I might come up with two or more just to be safe.
  12. When I was at the law library doing research I read in a book geared towards the creditor that the biggest problem the creditor may face in a post judgement debtor examination was the debtor exercising their 5th amendment right. It did go on to say the debtor could not really use that on all questions but if used sparingly the creditor's hands would be tied to force an answer. I think the point is even though this is a civil action you could be asked questions that could incriminate you in a separate criminal matter.
  13. As far as mine are concerned to the best of my knowledge these are old accounts that were in good standing with zero balance that I closed. I shared that trying to help solve the mystery of what closed was. It could be just an old account thats not necessarily derogatory. I do have derogatory AMEX accounts also and they are pretty easy to identify.
  14. The only AMEX accounts I have that state closed are old accounts with zero balance.
  15. I have spent a little time in court watching and what I learned is the judge can put you under oath and get you to admit you had a card from X and so forth. then the plaintiff attorney will show you some statements and ask if thats your name and address and if you agree your toast. I had planed on objecting in an appropriate way at each step but I really think the better plan is to at least hire an attorney to appear without you to avoid this. Force it to trial, to which they cant produce a witness and win that way.