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  1. After reviewing the CA's on our reports I found 3 not listed as having current bond needed for state of Tx. found one with different address than listed on my report. Does this matter? Should the information on file with state exactly match my report? I'm not getting mail/calls from these 3. BUT- They are listed on our CR. Think my chances of having them removed are good? Some of these TL's are greater than 4 yrs old. since last reported.
  2. Capital One Credit line closed R-9 Acct charged off 12/2004 Pass Due $XX Acct Closed (No date available) Shows on Experian Only Last reported 12/05 With all the issues I read here, about Cap 1 I'm not sure if I should leave alone or dispute with CRA? Starting with ????? Collection Agency not listed with this amount. Guess CAP1 still has it and not sold/transferred.. Only Cap 1 Shows Don't want to draw attention to the alledged bad account. Actually, we have a few accounts between the two of us, old charged off or just not paid on since 2005/2004. Any suggestions? Thanks in advance!
  3. I received a copy of the report today! Yes, I plan on writing letters first. Thanks for posting.. although the guy said we don't need to worry about whats on the report at this time. I see a couple accounts that are totally incorrect. As far as credit cards, I don't want one that offers $$ and cost just about as much to get. Checking on Wells Fargo for a secured card. Looking for other cards, so we have a choice. purchase new furniture or appliances?? his suggestion for gaining tradeline. I just do't know where to look.. It's a shame we have to go into debt to get a mortgage loan... to go in debt!
  4. Signed up for trial from Trilegiant for my hubby. Includes three different credit scores along with credit reports from all three. We have had our eyes on a property... contacted realtor, got number for guy to run his version of credit report and give us options for loans. Unbelievable! He calls to inform us that my dear hubby has No Credit score! Yep, 0 on all three agencies. My score is just below 550!! He suggested we work on building from here... I'm kinda disappointed. But there will be homes for sale next year. for the past few years we have purchased everything with cash! bought my new to me vehicle and all.. CASH! We really don't want anything that needs to be financed. He suggest we start building credit even if we just purchase new furniture or appliances. We should begin paying our rent with a check and he sent me a link to Public Savings Bank for a secured card. After viewing our reports he says not to worry with many of the tradelines, they are old. I still want the ones that are incorrect to be corrected by the companies that are reporting it wrong! Plan to spend more time here and hope to add to our scores using some information I find in the forum.
  5. I have spent alot of time on this board. Many people sharing experiences. Lot's of information and I'm looking forward to cleaning up my credit! shared lots of info I came across with family.
  6. It's old and may not make much difference. Listed under accounts not good. Send CRA letter stating not late? wrong amount? Something?? Since it's older Can I do this online instead of mail? SELECT PORTFOLIO SERVICING Account XXX Status: Paid,Closed. Status Details: This item was verified on Oct 2002 and remained unchanged. Date Opened: 05/1999 Reported Since: 05/2002 Date of Status: 02/2004 Last Reported: 02/2004 Type: Mortgage Terms: 30 Years Monthly Payment: $0 Responsibility: Joint with XXX Credit Limit/Original Amount: $159,925 High Balance: NA Recent Balance: NA Recent Payment: NA Account History: 30 days past due as of Dec 2003
  7. This has to be the same account for att. Listed with two different companies. Should they have same date placed for collection? If it were my account it went to collections on ONE DATE for the OC... If its mine it could stay on credit report for 7 yrs! Is SOL for cell accounts 2 yrs? I know SOL for TX is 4yrs. Is CELL Account different? How am I to know the date to use for SOL if this account went south?? **Would I start with NOT MINE to CRA and DV with CA? PALISADES COLLECTION LLC #XXX Balance: $556 Date Updated: 06/2010 Original Balance: $556 Original Creditor: 11 AT T WIRELESS Past Due: >$556< Pay Status: >Collection Account< Account Type: Open Account Responsibility: Individual Account Loan Type: Factoring Company Account Remark: >Placed for collection< Date placed for collection: [ 11/2006] Estimated date that this item will be removed: 12/2011 SUPERIOR ASSET MGMT INC #XXX Balance: $556 Date Updated: 10/2006 Original Balance: $556 Original Creditor: 11 CINGULAR WIRELESS AT T WIRELES Past Due: >$556< Pay Status: >Collection Account< Account Type: Open Account Responsibility: Individual Account Loan Type: Collection Agency Attorney Remark: >Placed for collection< Date placed for collection: [ 03/2006] Estimated date that this item will be removed: 03/2012 I have read so much on here Im slightly confused!! LOL Thanks in advance
  8. tx_mimi


    It's been a while siince you posted. Any luck with this situation? This company has also recently showed up on my credit reports. One listed by EOS CCA and the other report listed as Collection Company of America. Each for AT&T mobile. I am sure I have not gotten a letter from them! I moved two years ago.. nothing came here. Loan Type: Collection Agency Attorney Listed as OPEN ACCOUNT Sending letter to them asking for verification and proof this is for a bill/service I had. Status: Collection account. $690 past due as of Apr 2010
  9. As far as I know he did not get documention about the future sale. (when/where/sold?) I have gotten nothing before the calls started. Writing them a letter now! And the phone calls ~ sending a stop calling notice. I am courious and know we will owe something. But two yrs. without hearing from them? *Repossession as of May 2008 to May 2010 Thanks
  10. I went to annual credit report. com. Instead of printing I saved a copy of the print version on my laptop. This will make it easy for me to locate the report an write my letters. I will print later this week. But it's a way for you to get started. My hubby used the phone service and requested a hard copy to be mailed for each CRA. His computer is not set up to print off my printer.. Hopefully this helps!
  11. Hi! Really confused here.. I co-signed for my youngest to get a truck a few years ago. Eventually the payments, school and other activities got to be too much. Long story short, he phoned me one mornin and told me the truck was gone. Ok - I understand. The auto place had been calling me and I referred them to my son. I made a couple payments then told him to move home and pay for truck or deal with it. O, yes I took him to get his stuff out of truck. Of course not all the extras he added but he did get his tools and all. Now my cell phone is ringing and ringing. The rude guy on the other end says they sold vehicle and I owe $$.. Needless to say our conversation did not go well. Now I don't answer *unknown/Withheld #'s.. i never received any notice about a sale, neither did my son, he may have attended. Never got letter telling me the amount the truck sold for or NOTHIN! Well, my hubby and I are about to purchase a new home next yr after he graduates. I just got my FREE CREDIT report. Below is whats listed. EXPERIAN Report.. CITIFINANCIAL AUTO Address: XXXXXXXXX No phone number available Account Number: XXXXX.... Address Identification Number: XXXX Status: Repossession. $10,267 past due as of May 2010. Status Details: This account is scheduled to continue on record until Sep 2014. Date Opened: 04/2004 Reported Since: 04/2004 Date of Status: 05/2008 Last Reported: 05/2010 Type: Installment Terms: 72 Months Monthly Payment: $0 Responsibility: Joint with XXXXXXXX Credit Limit/Original Amount: $20,294 High Balance: NA Recent Balance: $0 as of 05/2010 Recent Payment: $0 Account History: Repossession as of May 2008 to May 2010 150 days past due as of Apr 2008 120 days past due as of Mar 2008 90 days past due as of Feb 2008, Sep 2006, Oct 2005 60 days past due as of Jan 2008, Oct 2006, Aug 2006, Sep 2005 30 days past due as of Dec 2007, Apr 2007, Nov 2006, Aug 2005, Jul 2005, Apr 2005 Balance History: 04/2010 $0 03/2010 $0 02/2010 $0 01/2010 $0 12/2009 $0 11/2009 $0 10/2009 $0 09/2009 $0 08/2009 $0 07/2009 $0 06/2009 $0 05/2009 $0 04/2009 $0 03/2009 $0 02/2009 $0 01/2009 $0 12/2008 $0 11/2008 $0 10/2008 $0 09/2008 $0 08/2008 $0 07/2008 $0 ****************************** TU Report: CITIFINANCIAL AUTO #XXXXXXX Balance: $0 Date Updated: 05/2008 High Balance: $20,294 Past Due: $0 Terms: $0 for 72 months Pay Status: >Repossession< Account Type: Installment Account Responsibility: Joint Account Date Opened: 04/2004 Date Closed: 05/2008 Loan Type: Automobile Remark: >Repossession< Estimated date that this item will be removed: 11/2014 ******************************************************* Repo MAY 2008. I am just hearin of this $$owed . Been two yrs. Not listed by any other company/collector. The original amount of this account was $20,294 (WOW!! must have finance charges in this amount.) Should i send letter to Citifinancial for explaination of all this. Or letter to CRA? advise would be great from one of you that have experience in matters like this. I did search on yahoo.. waste of time~ except it sent me to this site! TIA, tx_mimi PS. couldnt get other report online. will receive in mail.
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