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  1. one says "charged off". Is that the same?
  2. meaning I haven't done anything to attract attention.
  3. any idea on why they would wait 3 years before they put it on? I haven't contacted them, or DV'd them or anything.
  4. Hey, y'all. I have been working on clearing up my credit, so I keep a close eye on the report. I have a collection/charge off that has been on my report from a CA, and now it's on there from the OC, too. It wasn't on there from the OC, and all of a sudden, I check my report, and there it is. I'm new to this, so I'm not sure - I am assuming that they can do that? Both of them can be on there at the same time, doubly damaging your report? And why would it show up now, when it's been 3 years since the account went into default? Thanks in advance.
  5. Did it change to 10? I got a PM yesterday and feel awful, because I can't respond, but the error message said I had to have 10 posts to be able to PM. Hope this person doesn't think I'm being rude, and ignoring him.
  6. I have lived in 3 different states. I have lived in NY, Alabama and currently live in Georgia. I have a debt from NY that needs to be paid, and a debt from Alabama that needs to be paid. Does the SOL apply to the state that I lived in at the time that I created the debt, does it apply to the state that I lived in when it first went delinquent, or does it apply to the state that I live in now? Thanks.
  7. Thanks, everyone. I will keep going with it, and hope for the best.
  8. Thanks, DH. Yeah, I'm trying to have things removed, because in about a year I am going to be shopping for a mortgage, and I want to have everything as clean as possible before I dive in, headfirst.
  9. Hubs and I have a collection on our CR that we want to pay off. We spoke to the company first, to see if we could work out a payment agreement with them, but they told us it'd been turned over to the CA already. We then called the CA, and got nowhere with them. We truly thought that they would call us back, seeing as how they now have our contact information, and maybe they would offer us a settlement. They never called back. So we called back a couple of weeks later, and spoke to someone at the OC, instead of dealing with the people at the CA. He spoke to the guy at the OC, and the conversation ended up with the guy on the other end being pretty nasty, and absolutely refusing to give us a PFD letter. He said, "Why would I do that? How would that benefit me?" Hubs was like, "Well, you'd get your money." He said he didn't care - that it was against company policy to issue a PFD. So I decided I'd call. I asked the receptionist for the name of the person who spoke to my husband, and she gave me the name. I then asked for the position this person held, and she informed me that he was the President of the company. The President. There is no going higher than the President. We can't complain to Customer Service, we can't do anything. Have you ever heard of anyone refusing a PFD? Is there anything you can do? It's one of only a few collections left on our reports, and I've been told that paying collections without a PFD isn't really going to help much, because they still show up as a collection, albeit a paid one.
  10. Hey yall. New to the board and I have a question. I sent a DV letter to an OC about 2 weeks ago. We got a letter back with absolutely no information in it that we requested. I would like to be able to mail them back and tell them that that "30 day clock" is still ticking, and if they don't give me the information I specifically requested, I am going to request that the CRAs remove the information. I guess that's the order it's supposed to be done in - not quite sure as I'm new to all this. What part of the FDCPA can I quote to them to remind them that they have 30 days to respond to my validation request? Or is there a a part of the FDCPA that I can quote? Also, from what I have read, there is no "30 day clock" - that they can take as long as they want. I thought I'd read that if you give them 30 days to validate, they have to do it. Thanks in advance.
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