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  1. What is UP with Experian? They have come back and "validated" all of my disputes. Meanwhile EQ and TU have deleted a ton and have given me no headaches. Is this just how EX is? Should I just dispute with written letters now? I previously had done them online. Argh!
  2. geez, that's terrible!!!! I am going to bookmark and check back, in what? 5 years?
  3. This is going to sound really silly, but does this mean that on 1/1/11 - I can breathe a sigh of relief? Many of my negative tradelines are in the 4+ year range........? Would I just send letters to both the CB's and OC's explaining this?
  4. OK. One thing I noticed when I pulled my TU report. It says the tradeline from the OC should be deleted in 10/10 (which is this month - yay!). BUT when I got to EQ of who I've tried to dispute a few times now, it says Date Reported 6/10 - which is BS. Does this mean it won't fall off of EQ?
  5. Hi - I did a DV with Portfolio Recovery 5+ months ago and yesterday! I finally got a response. The response included the top sheet with my personal information and the total amount owed - nothing new and exciting or anything that could even be close to considered validation there. BUT - what was also included was my "Bankcard Statement Information". I don't know if this is enough for validation either and it doesn't really make too much sense (it's as if it was shrunk down to fit an 8 1/2 x 11 sheet of paper and really needed to be much larger). BUT (another but ) what I was able to make o
  6. Thanks so much everyone, it's really appreciated. Scorch - I see you now own a home, congratulations - that makes me feel like there is light at the end of the tunnel! Bigwoodystyl - What do you say when you speak to them on the phone (reason for disputing)?
  7. I'm not sure - but that is part of the income guidelines for renting here - I think it may be more formalized somewhere or it could be an arbitrary idea by landlords, management companies and private owners. It makes sense when you think about it like this (snagged from Google): If you're a landlord, you want to make sure that your next tenant is financially stable to pay their rent and still have money left over to pay their other bills without causing hardship on themselves. This is where the 40x the rent formula comes into play. And its a good rule to follow. No one should be paying more t
  8. Thanks - I appreciate this, I am going to search for what you suggest! The NYC rental market is a pain in the butt.. Renters need to make 40-45x the rent (which is fine for me) and a guarantor for someone with shoddy credit needs to make 80-85k time the rent (asinine)!
  9. I had an AWFUL day today because of my credit. Embarrassing day, really and I feel like crap. Today I started my NYC apartment hunt, but I have about 6 negative trade lines on my CR and 1 paid judgment. I explained to the broker I met with in FULL DETAIL about my situation and she was cool and even owned the building I was looking at. We went back to the office and they pulled up my credit and she then looked at me funny and said I needed a guarantor (the guarantor needs to make 85x the rent and the rent was 1,900 - so kind of not possible). The thing is - I totally get the apprehension, t
  10. OK. I have hit a wall and honestly I have no idea what to do next and I've been researching and researching and I'm still not sure what to do. Here is my situation - I want to clean up the negatives on my CR. All of my negatives are almost 6 years old! They fall off next year - I live in NYC and unless I am mistaken the SOL is 7 years. But I want to clean up my credit now as I am looking for a new apartment and I'm not sure where my credit check will put me. Here are the entries I am most confused about: (1) BANK OF AMERICA Account Number: 6XXX Acct Type: Credit Card - Revolving Terms A
  11. I spoke to the clerk today and they informed me that the case has been discontinued, which means the plaintiff isn't pursuing this case against me any further. They said a dismissal is if we were before a judge - he would dismiss it. I'm just unsure of where to go now with this.
  12. Thanks, I googled, but I didn't find too much helpful information, other than that yes, Portfolio can probably come after me again. I even called the clerks office (I live in Kings Cty in NYC) and they were just like yeah, the Index # is here, confirmed my name and the Notice had yet to hit their system. I am not sure what to do from here - I didn't receive a summons/complaint and when I mentioned that to the man on the phone, he said, "oh maybe you never received one!" and promptly hung up on me. Gotta love NYC.. I am just not sure what to do now. Who do I contact? Argh. Thanks!
  13. Hi folks, I started the DV process on Cohen & Slamowitz back in March and then sent a f/u letter in April. Unfortunately, I was unexpectedly out of the country and then this process fell by the wayside. Today, I received a letter from C&S saying: Enclosed please find a Notice of Discontinuance of action in connection with the above referenced matter. Kindly retain the discontinuance for your records. Then the Notice has Portfolio Recovery Associates against me as the action that is being discontinued. On the cover letter, it lists Cap One as the OC and then Portfolio as the creditor.