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  1. Update #3: Forgot to mention this: In December, I applied for a PenFed card and was approved for a $15K limit. Interest rate is great as well. Found out about USAA and PenFed right here on these forums - so thanks to everyone who helps out here. One note on my credit union - I applied for a $5K card with them, and was counter-offered $1K... after 20 years of banking with them. Told them to shove it.
  2. A while back I got a secured credit card from Capital One that hasn't been half bad. The interest rate is a bit high however. My scores improved and I was successful in obtaining an unsecured card with a much higher limit. I would like to cancel the secured card. But my question is, does cancelling a secured card hurt my credit rating at all? Is this a wise move?
  3. UPDATE #2: I was now approved for the USAA Visa! $4K credit line. First they tell me denied. Then I'm approved. I'll believe it when the card arrives in the mail.
  4. BK is no where on my credit reports. And I have a few friends with credit cards from this CU... they're interest rates were raised to the maximums within 6 months of having the card.
  5. Update: After researching the best cards out there, I decided to forgo my CU because I heard horror stories about their cards. I opted instead to apply at USAA for their Visa card. Check my credit report before I applied... still the same. 720 score, one installment account open for $50K (student loan) listed as PAYS AS AGREED. All other TL are old and closed. DENIED. REASON: NO MORTGAGE EXPERIENCE. PAST LATES. DEBT TO CREDIT RATIO TOO HIGH. How in the heck am I supposed to increase my credit limits if no one will extend me credit????
  6. Any idea what a 700+ credit score, little credit history, and a high income will get me as far as credit limit?
  7. Do you think it would be better than opening a secured card first?
  8. I thought of that but I bank with a credit union. Are they more lenient or more stringent?
  9. Hi Gang, 8 years ago I went through a bankruptcy and it destroyed my credit. Since that time I have been mostly a cash operation. I literally have not had one open account other than my student loan which has been paid like clockwork for the last 4 years. Not one late!! Consequently, I just found out my credit score, after years of hovering around the 580 mark, is now around 735. (As a matter of fact, my wife and I are applying for a new mortgage and I found my mid-range mortgage score is 710!) I know that just because my score is 735 that I won't be approved for much because I lack other open accounts and also lack varying types of accounts. So what I would like to do is start by getting an unsecured credit card but I don't want to do damage to my CR by getting denied. Does anyone have any suggestions for an unsecured card with my history?
  10. The debt is actually a closed Chase business bank account. I was assessed some fees that my banker told me she would waive. At some point, she left Chase and they never got waived but I had since closed the account. Not sure who exactly owns this debt, but I will find out and update here accordingly. Thanks to all.
  11. 78 views and no one knows? I tried searching "pay for delete" but there is nothing current.
  12. Thanks to all the fine folks here on this forum and utilizing all of the information posted, I raised my credit score from 540 to 710 in just over a year and a half. Thank you all for the time you put in to these forums, it really works! Now for my question: I have one old account in collections with a CA. The amount is small - $175 or so. I am considering using a PFD letter, but do they still work? I found a blog recently that says don't waste your time. I'd really like to get this off my CR, but if it won't work, I'm just not paying. Thoughts?
  13. My mortgage is serviced by BOA and when I called them they said that they only service my loan and that my mortgage is actually owned by US Bank (BOA sold it to them) therefore I do not qualify for any assistance regarding the settlement. Is this the case??
  14. tr31

    Working with OC

    The account is definitely assigned to the CA and owned by the OC. I don't care if the CA gets paid or not, I just care whether or not they report to the CRAs as a paid collection.
  15. Hi all, Quick question: I had an account that I was unaware of go to collections. I received a dunning from the CA and I asked for validation. OC mailed me all pertinent docs proving the account was mine. I have no problem paying the account and the OC seems to be willing to work with me. The issue is now the CA. They haven't reported to the CRAs yet, but I fear they might, so my thought is to have the OC sign an NDA and I'll send payment. thoughts?
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