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  1. you better recheck the annual APR, its usually 10% per MONTH, could be 120% per annually. This is legally allowable for second title loan companies. check out the laws in your state. Usually they only give approx. 50% of the vehicles worth and if you are a day or 2 late, they can keep the title. Google title loan companies for your state.
  2. I was served in 10-2010, I tried to fight it, but they are barracudas. I sent in my answer to interrogatories, but much to the plaintiffs attorney dislikening, he returned that I needed to resubmit my answers or he would file for imposing of sanctions. At this point, I had to retain an attorney for the purpose of BK 7, which will probably be filed within amonth or 2. My attorney told me in Dec. not to have any more contact with the plaintiffs attorney, that she would contact him and let them know of my intent to file BK. Today, I receive a letter from plaintiffs attorney, signed by the judge
  3. It doesn't matter if it is charged off or not, they can still come after you for the debt.
  4. Does anyone know if there is a phone number to check to see if any 1099's have been submitted to the IRS? I sold a few items last year & am not sure if the company buying the stuff was going to 1099 me o9r not. Someone told me that there is a number to call to see what the reported income is for 2010. any help would be appreciated, I don't want to include something as income if it wasn't reported
  5. ruttie


    I received a 1099-C, cancellation of debt form . It was for a business credit card with Chase. We filed bankruptcy in 2009 for the business, I have disputed it several times over the last year that this was included in the bankruptcy, a corporation, that I never signed a personal guarantee for it. Now they sent me a 1099-C in my eprsonal name on the same account. I filed bk in 10-09, no creditors put a claim for any distributed assets(although there wasn't much to dispurse) It ststes the debt was canceled 12-10, with the question of bankruptcy- NO I will be filing personal bk within the ne
  6. normally if they do anything, it would be to garnish wages. If you don't have a job or if you get notified that they intend to garnish wages, you can always quit & get another job. Be sure that you don't have more than the exempt amt. in your bank acct. They can levy it, and take anything over your exempt amt. If there is a spouse, then it is doulbed, Our state is $150 per/person. I wouldn't worry yourself about them seizing your assets, especially since they probably already know based on a credit report on what you own, it wouldn't be worth their time or expense to go after nothing.
  7. I once received a copy of what a supposed summons/lawsuit would look like from a creditor, they stated that if I did not pay up, they would file a complaint similar to the one enclosed
  8. I have retained an attorney for bk 7, they told me that I can get a loan, from a title loan company(10% per month x12 months=120% for a 12 month loan/legally) or get a loan from a friend and or relative, have legit loan documents drawn up, make sure that a lien is recorded with DMV, and be sure that the money is accounted for and spent for living expenses prior to filing. you can even use the money for paying for the vehicle payment before filing. The thing is, to make sure that you file before you pay any equity into the vehicle, of course you are still going to have the loan payments to p
  9. once you lose it, your credit is so bad that you cannot buy another one and you probably cannot afford to buy another one, all it does is keep adding fear and another financial problem to your scenerio. A bk attorney told me that you can get a loan for the collateral of the vehicle, and live on the money, even from relative, you just would need a paper trail for the spending of it. my intent is to file in a few months, but things change everyday.I am not defrauding anyone by intending to file, but if circumstances change financially,
  10. when your only real possession is owning a 10 year old car, it does make you paranoid and fearful. Fear makes you think of any and all possible actions of losing your vehicle. Many people would think that giving up a 10 year old vehicle as no big deal, but I can understand being afraid of losing it & asking for any advise of what you can/could possibly do to prevent it.
  11. AZ. has $5000 per person/$10.000 per couple, for vehicles($10,000 per person for handicapped) If you have a spouse you can double your exemption for the same vehicle
  12. just so you are aware, az. courts charge $223. just to answer a summons/complaint you must have 3 copies of everything when filing also. Any motion or additional filings after filing your answer is no charge. I answered 2 summons/complaints & 1 has already received a motion for summary judgement, arbitration set for 4-2011, should file my bk by then though
  13. you can legally get a loan from someone, whom would take interest in your vehicle as collateral, this is what title loan companies do, which is perfectly legal. you can go through a title loan company a friend or you can go through a relative. If it is legit loan, it isn't commiting fraud
  14. I have a notorized notice of statement from plaintiffs attorney, whereas the notary notarized the attorney signature but the attorney forgot to sign it. I was told from my attorney that the other attorney could just file an amendment to the document and he can get away with it. What would happen if we, as a consumer forgot to sign a notarized document & what notary would notarize something without the actual signature?