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  1. Hi Clydesmom! Thank you for your response. I am careful about cutting and pasting, I understand that the letter is only an example, and I would need to rewrite to fit my particular needs. I read the article and the letter numerous times, however your explanation made the most sense. I appreciate your time in helping me.
  2. Speaking of the FDCPA.. If the statue of limitations has matured on a debt/creditor, in CA its 4 years, wouldn't I be able to write a letter to the creditor and explain that the SOL has matured and that they need to remove it from my credit report? I was hoping I can use the Zombie Letter on this website (http://www.creditinfocenter.com/forms/sampleletter20.shtml) to get some of these old debts from 2012 and older removed? Or I am misunderstanding the article? I do understand that the SOL and the 7 year credit reporting period have nothing to do with each other. Just trying to get it right before I stick my foot in my mouth! lol! Thanks for your time
  3. OOOHHH I see! So in other words it can be reported for 7 years on my credit report even the SOL has matured. Gee there is so much I don't know
  4. Oh ...I thought the SOL in California was 4 years? my bad it sounds like I would be better off taking care of the collection items at this point. Thanks again! Lupe
  5. Hi there I just need some advice; I have a copy of all 3 credit reports. There are some items that are from 2013 or older. I'd like to know which option would be best either do a DV or exercise the Status of Limitations? I am leaning towards the Statue ..but like some advice before proceeding. Thank you very much your time Lupe
  6. longetivity of items on my credit report

    I have items on my Experian going back to 2008?

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