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  1. Awesome stuff SDJ. You are a real blessing to this sight. Keep up the great work you're doing... p.s. PM sent...
  2. SDJ I found this thread while doing my research on this very topic. Still can't decipher exactly where he was going with it though h tt p://xxx.debt-consolidation-credit-repair-service.com/forums/showpost.php?p=546681&postcount=2 20 post limit again but you should be able to figure it out
  3. Back to affidavits, I found this case, good, bad, useful??? h tt p://scholar.google.com/scholar_case?case=6462789062261018339&q=untimely+filed+affidavits+michigan&hl=en&as_sdt=2,23 20 post limit on posting links??? Just remove spaces in link, copy and paste.
  4. Brilliant!!! That's all I can say. Your posts really help clear the mud from the water.
  5. Can you provide the specific info that states this? Can't seem to find it... Thanks...
  6. In my pre-trial hearing the judge asked me a similar question about my answers to the plaintiffs complaint. He asked if I was an attorney or if I had studied law. My response to him was that, because of my current unemployed state and the complaint that was filed against me, I had no choice but to turn to the internet and "educate" myself, using literally hundreds of hours, on what I needed to know, write, do, and say in the courtroom. He nodded his head and never revisited his question. Made me feel good that the judge gave me such respect/acknowledgment.
  7. Congrats on your accomplishment. I hope you go all the way with your schooling, passing the "Bar" and then become the biggest thorn in the sides of these JDB's. You're an inspiration to masses.
  8. I appreciate your response. Yea its definitely too late for that, I think... Any idea what I need to do now? Thanks for the clarification. I was thinking I needed to file a formal rejection.
  9. First, thanks for responding. I did not file a counter affidavit. Looks like I missed that in my research on what to do for my answer (I used the entire 21 days before I filed my answer to make sure that I got everything in there that needed to be answered, am I hosed now?). Whats really confusing to me is the last part of that MCL which states: Any affidavit in this section mentioned shall be deemed sufficient if the same is made within 10 days next preceding the issuing of the writ or filing of the complaint or answer. Is this saying the ten days starts when the complaint was filed or aft
  10. Did I do something wrong? Did I step on someones toes? Do I need to join some special club to get any help? 104 views and not a single response. If I did something wrong, please, at least, tell me so. I know everyone on this site does what they do as a hobby and for free, just looking for a little guidance, help, push in the right direction, that's all.
  11. About a week ago I've received a response from the JDB that is suing me. I have searched the forums for what I received and come up empty... I could really use some help with what I need to do now. Here is what they sent me... OFFER TO STIPULATE TO ENTRY OF JUDGMENT Plaintiff, BLOOMFIELDFINANCIALGROUPLLC, by its attorney, WARNERLAWFIRM, by RobertWWarner, hereby offers to stipulate to entry of a judgment with the Defendant, ME, in favor of Plaintiff in the amount of $6,750.00 inclusive of all costs, fees, interest, sanctions, actual or potential counter-claims and taxable items of any kind,
  12. I don't know if this will help your situation or not but it might be worth reading none the less... just copy the info below and paste it in your browsers address bar... xa.yimg.com/kq/groups/13550801/1120343653/name/0%20-%2037582201-Pocopanni-Order-Dismissing-With-Prejudice%2Epdf
  13. Thanks for your reply momof5 it has really helped me to clear my head as to what to say. Further, as I type my answer thoughts flow into my head on how to perform a MTS. This is what I've come up with so far (some copied some my own) Critique please, MOTION TO STRIKE AFFIDAVIT OF ACCOUNT IN SUPPORT OF PLAINTIFF'S CLAIMS Comes now, Defendant (me) and respectfully states the following: 1. Plaintiff has submitted into evidence Exhibit “A” which consists of an “affidavit of account”. 2. Said document pertains to acts and events that allegedly occurred between Defendant and a third party, BofA, N
  14. 30. Defendant is required under the agreement to repay the amounts borrowed. 31. Defendant has breached the Agreement by failing to repay the full amount due under the Agreement, thereby causing Plaintiff to suffer damages. Count II – Breach of Implied Contract Plaintiff herein restates and incorporates by reference all paragraphs within this complaint. 32. The original creditor offered and extended credit to the Defendant. 33. The defendant received, accepted and used the credit from the original creditor. 34. The defendant failed to fully repay the original creditor for the amounts borrowed,