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  1. Thanks Scorch, Anyone else have any experience with this matter? timg
  2. I’m helping a friend in an attempt to raise her “Fair” credit score. Her credit history is young (2 1/2 yrs) and she has a lot of credit inquiries (Experian 27, TransUnion 14, Equifax 10). Should she send a dispute letter for removing inquiries to the three CRAs first? Yes / No? With all her inquiries, sending CMRRRs to each creditor would be a tidy little sum. Thank you timg
  3. Thank you MadMonkey, I used a letter from the Credit Info Center's website as a template - Changing it to meet my situation. What would be an appropriate amount of time to wait after the 30 days to mail the second letters? Thank you timg
  4. Hello, I'm on my path to rebuild my credit and I'm following the "Basic Credit Repair Strategy." I am on step number 4, "write a dispute letter bureaus." I sent all three CRAs my initial dispute letter regarding two medical accounts in collections. Using the dispute letter templates and seeing all the examples provided on the forum, I sent: The dispute letters which contained the information required - name, address, SSN, DOB, the account names, account numbers being disputed, reason for dispute and a copy of my driver's license. In addition, each letter was sent certified return receipt via