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  1. @strive4credit thanks for the did you get the presidents name and email? Here is what I originally wrote, please let me know what you think I should change Thanks again Dear Sir or Madam: I am writing to you today regarding my credit card account ####-####-####-#### which I had while I was a student at the University of South Florida. The purpose of my correspondence is to see if you would be willing to make a “goodwill” adjustment on the reporting of this account to the three credit agencies. During the time period this account was established I was very happy with the service
  2. @strive4credit I love the fact that you were successful with CitiBank. I too am trying to contact them. I wrote them and they have responded but they did not answer my question at all. they didnt say yes and they didnt say no. all they did was tell me my balance. I wantes to know if you mind sharing with me who you sent the letter to at Citibank? I would really, really, really, REALLY appreciate it!
  3. Hello Everyone I am new to this site and i wanted to know if anyone could help me. I have written two goodwill letters, one to citibank and the other to capital one, for my credit cards. I am trying to remove the late paymets that are reported on my 3 credit reports. I sent them both out and I only received a response from citibank who did not answer my question with a yes or a no. All they did was report my current balance and told me that "Each month we senf information concernng your account to the credit reporting agencies....." Has anyone had any success with Citibank and/or Capital One?