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  1. hi, im one of those guys that never really had credit, my credit is bad to a total of $2000... i have credit cards debt, however i have a charge on there from Portfolio Recovery, original creditor was hsbc of nevada... i have never had a CC thru them, this debt dates back to 1/11.... how can i fix this and my other charge offs/ old collections... thanks in advance
  2. i went to court and lost a lawsuit, (that is a judgement right? or am i tripping)
  3. im a renter in a short sale, i havnt paid rent in 6 months, the new buyer bought the home and tried to have us sign a new lease aprox $300 more in expenses... since we did not want that deal, he got the previous owners to sign over our dept to him,,, i got a 3 day notice to pay $9000 in 3 days or quit...... we thought this was bull, t I belive the new owner should only be entiled to rent from when he owned the home July 1st... 2 months = $3400... not the 9k they were asking, bottom line is i belive they were trying to force us out... we went to court last week and the judge found in their favor... i was shocked.. Any thought how we can overcome this judgement?
  4. Hi, i really got screwed on a unlawful detainer lawsuit here in california, now i must move my family within 15 days.. im worried as im looking for a new rental the judgement may show up, does anyone know how long it takes to show up? thanks in advance..
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