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  1. Sept 2012 I think As I am writing this debt validation letter, there are a number of scripts in Microsoft word that look handwritten. These are a bit more difficult to read. Is there any advantage to using a more difficult script for them to read as maybe they will put it aside and not answer within 30 days?
  2. Thank you. I assume that they bought it as they wrote in their letter that they purchased acct no 12345 on .... Any advice on fighting them or what % of debt they would take to settle? I'm also wondering if they decide to sue at some point, can I invoke arbitration on the acct? I am assuming that there was an arbitration paragraph in the original contract but I'm not sure. I know that there is with Amex. Last question, on the statue of limitations for suing which is 4 years here, when does the time clock start. Sorry for so many questions. I do appreciate the answers & efforts. Dwindli
  3. I received a demand from Portfolio Recovery for a Capital one acct that they purchased. I guess that makes them JDB in this case. Question is, am I ok with the following simple validation letter or do I need to add more because they are a JDB. My Name My Address Date JDB address via certified mail return receipt requested Re; Verification request 15-USC 1692c© Dear JDB, Theis letter will also serve as notice pursuant to 15 U.S.C. 1692(g) that I do dispute the amount and validity of the alleged debt you seek to collect and do request that you provide written verification of the
  4. Question. My son had some dental work about a year ago and we were quoted a number for the services, insurance picking up the rest. We paid upfront what we were told the cost was. A while later, we received a bill for almost double what we were originally quoted asking for the balance. Fast forward, I tried to work this out with the dentists office to no avail. They sent me a letter about a month ago stating the section of the IRS tax code regarding discharged debt, and that they were going t report it to the IRS as a 1099 MISC income. Then they said they were going to turn it over to a collec
  5. This is what I was told by an expert in credit repair. "At this point, you will need to be a little more forceful with your actions. You will have to write a stronger letter to Transunion explaining that you send a copy of the certified card and the letter to the creditor that received NO RESPONSE as required by Federal law. You also need to explain Transunion's duties to IMMEDIATELY REMOVE the account from your credit report and FAILURE TO DO SO will result in the following: (1) complaint to the FTC, (2) complaint to the attorney general in GA, and (3) a small claim's lawsuit in the amou
  6. I have a question & I apologize in advance if it has already been addressed but I can't find it. I disputed information on my credit report TO THE CREDITOR as being inaccurate by certified mail return receipt requested. My understanding is that they have 30 days to answer my dispute. The 30 days came and passed with no answer. I sent copies of the letter, mail receipts etc to the CREDIT BUREAU. The Credit bureau answered me saying that they did an investigation and that there was updated information on my credit report. Nothing really changed. I was under the impression that Federal law s
  7. Is this a guess or are you using that figure based on some factors that you are aware of? Would you make that offer based on the principal amt of $4500 or the $5700 with the interest & fees. I'd find the cash to settle for that amount. Thanks
  8. I need some advice. I'm at 120 days past due. Just going into what they call pre-legal. I would like to make a settlement with them Balance $4500 principal, or $5700 with their fees and interest. Those are their numbers. What is a reasonable settelement amount, do I need to drag this on with them or will they take a settlement offer before the s hits the fan? Will they take a 3 pay settlement? Personally, I don't want to get into the lawsuit battle with them. Thanks in advance
  9. Here is what happened. I refused to sign their consent order. The original settlement was at 45% over 2 years. I was using a debt settler guy (who I am now having somewhat of an issue with which I will post at a later date). They came back and offered me 35% in 3 pmts over 2 months. I agreed and they faxed me a copy of a new consent order, basically the same thing as the previous but with a 7 day cure period. They cashed my 1st check. I never received the consent agreement in the mail as the fax said so I never signed it. I intend to pay them so its not a problem one way or the other. Here is
  10. I have a couple of questions i need clarification on. 1) Are you saying that I can't ask for a motion to dismiss now that I was offered a settlement and agreed to it? It is possible that the Georgia Superior Court rules of civil procedure don't allow that kind of motion while discovery is on, as I have already answered the suit. I don't know the answer to that one. 2)If for argument sake the total amount of the lawsuit is $20k. The settlement offer is $10k over say 12 months. If I have to sign the "consent order", shouldn't I only be signing it for $10k and not $20k? I know that they want ever
  11. My case is still in discovery stage. I was offered a settlement in writing. I agreed. Now they want me to sign a consent before they drop the lawsuit. Do I have to sign a consent in order for them to drop it? Can I motion the court for dismissal based on the settlement offer & acceptance? What maneuvers do I have left here before signing away. The offer is at 50% over time, but the consent says if I default they can hit me with a judgement for the whole enchilada. My whole case is posted on the "Reached settlement...still trying to avoid judgment" and "Settlement-how to avoid stipulated ju
  12. I have a similar situation which I asked about on the "Settlement-How To Avoid Stipulated Judgement" thread. Here is my question to everyone. Zwicker sent me the letter/offer of a settlement. I have agreed but asked them to drop the lawsuit which is in discovery phase. They want me to sign the consent letter which I won't based on the verbage of the letter. The question is can I motion the court to dismiss the case including the letter as evidence that they have agreed to a settlement? The letter says nothing of a consent decree needing to be signed. How best should I do this (what motions et
  13. I don't want to sign their consent order that does not have a cure period in it. Does anybody know if there is some kind of motion or petition that I can file with the court along with my first check asking the court to enforce or agree to the settlement offer (I will file the settlement offer along with it). Is there a list of motions somewhere for Georgia Superior Court that I can look at? Can I ask the court to dismiss the case based upon their offer and my acceptance and post a check with the court? If I can't get them to modify this, is this settlement offer good ammunition to use at arbi
  14. Sorry I don't have a PDF editor so I had to copy & paste as best as I can. Here is the first part, sent yesterday offering a settlement. These is no mention of a consent or stipulation in this. This letter will confirm that our client Amex has agreed to accept $xxxx as settlement in full of the above referenced acct. This settlement is conditional upon receipt by this office of a check in the amount of $xxxx on or before the 28th of the month oe each consecutive month beginning January 2011 until december 2012. Amex has requested that we advise you of the following: By accepting thi
  15. I just rec'd by fax their"consent order" that they want me to sign. There is no way that will happen. I would consider signing something admitting to the settlement amount which is half, but not to what they want. Incidentally, the offer that they first sent yesterday had no conditions of signing a consent or stipulation. I will post these shortly for comments as soon as I can scan them. In the meantime, please share with me your sample stipulation. Much appreciated