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  1. Since I made the payment directly to the medical facility and they cashed the check (not the collection agency) don't I have the right to request that the collection agency remove the entry from all three bureaus? I believe I had something similar done in the past. I never had any communication or dealings with the collection agency. -Mike
  2. Thanks for the reply. I did receive the proof of payment from the insurance company so I now have that to send. The medical provider is one of those emergency care type facilities, not a hospital. I just received my credit report update and the collections entry remains.I guess I'll try sending a certified letter along with the proof of payment from the insurance company to see if they will respond this time around. I guess I'll ask again nicely for them to request the removal of the collection entries since the issue has been resolved. -Mike
  3. Hello all, here is the update on this. The account is still being reported as a collections paid under all 3 bureaus. I wrote to the medical facility several months ago asking them nicely to contact the collection agency and have those entries removed but they never responded to my letter. I also mentioned to them that the insurance company had made a payment to them and that they now owe me a refund. Apparently after I filled many complaints against the insurance company which already has a very bad rep they made a small payment on the claim around $40 I think it was. I just contacted the insurance company again to get proof of the payment as I lost access to it. Then I want to contact the medical facility again, this time via a certified letter perhaps. What do you all recommend? Should I try to sue the insurance company and or the medical facility? The insurance company ignored my claim for months and eventually made a meager payment only after I filled many complaints against them. While the medical facility sent the claim to collections, eventually I paid them in full because I had expected and assumed the insurance company had paid them to begin with and now the medical facility owes me money and they are ignoring me. In the mean time I've had a collections entry for almost a year now affecting my scores. -Mike
  4. Ok so I mailed the provider a check and they cashed it in a heartbeat! What should be my next step, write to the collection agency and request removal? Write to the credit bureaus and send proof account was paid and request removal? Or write to the medial provider and explain the situation and request removal? Would also appreciate any verbage examples I should be using in my letter. I'm trying to undo the damage from this collection asap. I just pulled my updated credit report today and the account remains listed and it continues to impact my score, seems my score when down even more since the prior month. -Mike
  5. Thanks for the reply. I just want to clarify again, this was a just a doctors visit when I was sick. We humans get sick sometimes. There was no surgery, etc, so I don't believe any of that stuff applies. I paid the $35 co-pay and the balance which is less than $100 is what the insurance company is to pay. Prior to this job I was unemployed for almost 2 years! I was laid off and I did have cobra for some time after I was laid off but not for long as I could not afford it. I did send the proof of coverage requested to the insurance company multiple times although I found the request absurd. I can understand if I racked a $10,000 bill and had a major surgery them requesting proof of prior coverage but not for a simple visit to the doctor with a balance below $100. This is just a tactic they are using to not pay the bill. I am going to pay the bill direct and figure out the wording to use on my letter so that I can get this junk removed from my credit report. What I want to avoid doing is paying then not having the account removed, I want to set some sort of condition up front. I was thinking "By accepting this check # 123 you are agree to cease any collections and remove this account from any credit bureaus it was reported to.". What do you folks think? -Mike
  6. Do you guys recommend that I make the payment to the medical facility directly, explain the situation to them and request that they remove the collection account as a condition of accepting my payment? -Mike
  7. Had I known the outcome I would have done that! I assumed the insurance company would pay since that's the whole reason one has insurance! And I don't see anything that says they are not under obligation to pay! I'm sure if I tried to sue them any judge would throw their case out the window because the law is really on my side, it simply shows they had no intention of paying the claim from the very beginning. -Mike
  8. Maybe I was not very clear, I am calling scum the insurance company not the medical provider! I agree the medical provider is not at fault here and just trying to get paid! I have no issue with that! The issue here is this insurance company is well know for not paying claims and ignoring people (I just learned this recently). Right after the medical facility submitted the claim for less than $100 the insurance company sent me a letter requesting proof of prior coverage. How unfounded and bogus is that? Why would any insurance company ask for that when this was a simple I'm sick and I went to the doctor visit and it involved such a low bill? This was my first and only claim, I already paid the facility the $35 deductible. Doesn't make any sense, I was previously unemployed for over two years. But I did contact my previous employer and request the certificate of prior insurance coverage which was sent to the insurance company by fax several times and by mail. I never heard from the insurance company again. It is just now, about one month ago that I receive the collections letter. I have already filled all sorts of complains, Better Business Bureau and two separate complains with two separate states (one where I live and one where the insurance company is located with the division of banking and insurance. So far looks like both state complaints might turn out to be useless, one gave me some BS and the other they are still investigating but claim if the insurance company is governed by blah blah federal law then they can't really help. It's amazing what this insurance company gets away with. But I'm not done, I will bring some misery to them no matter how long it takes or what I have to do. I will try to pay the provider direct, advising them that by accepting my payment they agree to remove the collection account from all three credit bureaus and I'll explain the situation to them. I mean how much are they going to get from a $xx collection, not much at all. I'm sure they would rather get the full amount and bypass the middle man which is a low class so called collection law firm. -Mike
  9. I been working very hard on my credit for the last couple of years and have made huge progress. However recently I encountered an unexpected hit that made my scores drop quite a bit. I had a medical bill go into collections and reported to all three bureaus because the fraudulent insurance company failed to pay it (I'm working on taking action against these scum bags). Now in the mean time I need advice on what to do. I'm not sure if or how long it will be before the insurance company pays for the claim, the bill is now close to 6 months old and was entered into collections about 1 month ago by a local low life law firm collection agency. The bill is for less than $100. Only a low class scum collection agency would collect on something like this. Anyway, If I do pay this bill I need to make demands to the collection agency to ensure the account is removed from all 3 bureaus and the damage undone. How can I accomplish this? I could also of course send the payment directly to the medical facility and make the same demands to them. I would appreciate any advise on this as I would like to resolve this asap. Thank you! -Mike
  10. Thanks for your input. I'm not sure I will find an attorney that will be interested in helping or one that I can afford. One thing i've thought about doing was using the Lexington Law service, what do you think about that? I would hope that they could challenge it from all angles and get rid of it pretty quickly. I have to confirm but these entries will remain on my reports for at least another two years. I have been working very hard the last 2 years to get things where they should be and I have accomplished allot but i'm not where I want to be yet. Need to refinance a very high interest car loan (which is almost paid off) so that I can pay that off asap and buy another car. Almost all the negative stuff is now off my reports, I have some late payments on an older car loan that has been fully paid, a few late payments on a open student loan (which I wrote to the company and they might be willing to do something on that for me "Sallie Mae"), on the positive end I have an open credit card which now has a tiny balance, a car loan always paid on time and student loan which is currently deferred due to unemployment but I have been paying at least interest every month. -Mike
  11. First thank you all very much! I have disputed this account with all 3 bureaus online and this account has now been removed! -Mike
  12. I have now received back the investigation reports from all 3 credit bureaus, they all said they verified the Midland entry and none of them have removed the entry. Using a service that I use I just pulled a few days ago my updated credit report from all 3 bureaus and I now see the following. I am seeing two entries on my report for the same Midland account, here is the info: Account name: MIDLANDMCM Equifax report shows the account Experian shows no entry TransUnion shows no entry Account name: MIDLAND CREDIT MGMT IN Experian shows the account Equifax report shows no entry TransUnion shows no entry Also the original creditor "HSBC" continues to report the account to all 3 bureaus, I also requested an investigation and they all came back with verified and did not remove it. Also all 3 bureaus are reporting differing info on this account, one says "Transferred", another one says "Paid" and the other says "Closed" also two of them mention the account was sold to Midland under "Comments". I have never spoken with or communicated in anyway with Midland regrading this account. I have also been doing some reading and I hear they are one of the most difficult companies to work with or to accomplish anything. So with the above do you still recommend I send a 623 letter to Midland, what are some of the things if any I should mention on the letter? Thank you very much, I really appreciate any assistance anyone can provide. -Mike
  13. Thank you, I will proceed with certified letters-return receipt to the CRA's (Equifax so far) and request a method of verification. Now as far as the 623 letter should I send them to both the original creditor (HSBC) and the collection agency (Midland)? I am determined to finally put this thing to rest and will push forward full force ahead. Should I also mention to Midland the fact that they filed suit against me on this account yet ended up giving up on the matter (the law firm they retained gave up last minute, didn't show up to court date) and the case was dismissed by the court? -Mike
  14. How do you think I should proceed based on what I was able to get from the court that I posted here? Equifax came back with their investigation and did not remove either entry from my report, they said they have been able to verify that both entries belong to me (HSBC-original creditor and Midland). -Mike
  15. I visited the court and they were able to give me two papers but i'm not sure how useful they will be. One of the papers says "Party Disposition Entry/Maintenance" has my name and Midland's name, says case status "closed" has a disposition date of 2010 and for both of us shows a party status of "F". Basically it's a printout from their case management system. The other page has more details such as when both parties entered motions, dates filed, etc. Neither one of these documents shows the name of the court or anything like that though but they do show the docket number. I was also told by the court I could file a Stipulation of Dismissal, basically I would send this one page form they gave me and Midland would have to sign it, I thought this was a joke because I don't think Midland would ever bother signing it, why would they want to help me? I also brought a packet about filing a motion which I guess I could do, I just don't know what kind of motion I would file or how I would proceed with that. What do you folks think? Is there any value in sending a copy of the two court documents to the credit bureaus? I'm not really sure if that would help any though because the documents look kind of generic although they are actual printouts from the court system, they do have dates, they do show both parties, etc. -Mike
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