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  1. Anyone have any dealings with the following Debt Collector? FMS INC Street Address 4915 South Union Ave Tulsa, OK 74107 800-999-2443 866-637-4517
  2. CREATING A CREDITOR MAILING MATRIX What is the proper Matrix Format for Creating a Creditor Mailing Matrix? Do you include the full account number and old balances.monies owed?
  3. Judgment - Deed - Deed in Lieu of Foreclosure - Bankruptcy Q: When someone has a timeshare that is paid for, but has a judgment for non payment of annual fees. What type of deed is needed to transfer ownership from the grantor (debtor) to the grantee via a deed back. Would it be a standard deed or a deed in lieu of foreclosure If you are unsuccessful in a deed back before you file Which Bankruptcy form do you use to list your timeshare How does bankruptcy dispose/transfer the timeshare? “What happens to my timeshare after I file for bankruptcy?” Thanks in advance
  4. Regarding: BANKRUPTCY COURT NOTICES During the course of a bankruptcy case or proceeding, bankruptcy court notices are mailed by the (BNC) Bankruptcy Noticing Center on behalf of the court. The BNC, which is operated by a private contractor, provides notice production and mailing services for the court. Note: The Bankruptcy Noticing Center is not the court.
  5. Is there a special form or schedule you use when you prepare a Bankruptcy Petition regarding the following: Judgment & Lien for nonpayment of Annual Fees on a Timeshare How do you discharge a default judgment and eliminate a lien that was recorded at the courthouse where the timeshare is located and also recorded at the courthouse where you live. - A bankruptcy discharge does not automatically eliminate liens on your property. - Whether you can avoid a lien in bankruptcy depends on: the type of lienthe value of the propertyyour exemptions, andwhether you are filing for Chapter 7 or Chapter 13 Bankruptcy To avoid a lien in Chapter 7 bankruptcy, you must file a motion with the court and obtain a court order.
  6. Q: Checking Account Can you claim a checking account from a local bank as exempt (with income from retirement & social security direct deposit only) How do you claim a Checking Account As Exempt?
  7. How Do Exemptions Work In Chapter 7 Bankruptcy? Schedule C of the Bankruptcy Petition On this form, you list all of your property and assets that are legally exempt. In the State of Maryland, bankruptcy filers are required to use the state, not federal, bankruptcy exemptions. Homestead Exemption: Approximately $22,975 of equity in your home, used as a primary residence, may be exempt. Wildcard Exemptions: Maryland Does Not Have A Motor Vehicle Exemption, but the Wildcard Exemption Can Be Used Towards A Motor Vehicle. Personal Property: This can Include Up To $5,000 Worth Of Clothing. Other Personal Property: Can Include Health Aids, Appliances, And Furnishings.
  8. What Tax Documents Do You Need to File for Chapter 7 Bankruptcy? Q: Do you need copies of both Federal and State income tax returns? Tax Returns You will usually need to provide copies of your tax returns or tax transcripts for the last two years. Some trustees may require more tax returns while others may ask only for your most recent one. To Get Transcript Online, you must have a Social Security number (SSN) and immediate access to your email account to confirm your email address. Then you'll need to answer personal, financial and tax related questions to verify your identity. If you previously registered, just log in with your user ID and password. To Get Transcript by Mail, you need your SSN or an ITIN Individual Tax Identification Number, date of birth, and address from your latest tax return.
  9. CHAPTER 7 BANKRUPTCY VOLUNTARY PETITION OfficIal Form B1, MUST be used by a debtor to begin a bankruptcy case. Filing this petition is how an individual or other entity “declares bankruptcy.” Form B1 Exhibit D, Individual Debtor’s Statement of Compliance with Credit Counseling Requirement Form B 21 An individual debtor’s Statement of Social-Security Number Mailing list containing the names and addresses of the creditors and others that should receive notices from the court in the case, MUST accompany the petition along with filing fees (B3A installments or B3B waiver). If the schedules and other documents are not prepared and ready to be filed at the same time the petition is filed, Rule 1007© allows 14 days for completing and filing most of them. It is important to determine what the particular court’s requirements are by contacting the clerk’s office or by checking the court’s local rules.
  10. BILL OF SALE AND ASSIGNMENT OF LOANS - ROBO SIGNING AND LACK OF PROOF Accounts are sold by the banks pursuant to contracts called “Purchase and Sale Agreement” or “Forward Flow Agreement” or similar terminology. If you are sued by a JDB, then that JDB must prove what it purchased from bank. How do you prove that the signature on the document is legal and was not robo signed?
  11. Affidavit of Service Included Certificate of Assignment Replied back with "Intention to Defend" because the Supporting Documents do not appear to be correct.
  12. Cach, LLC bought Credit Card charge off debt from original creditor Received copy of Certificate of Assignment from their Attorney Signed by Diana Blanco (not notarized) Authorized Agent for Plaintiff, Cach, LLC She stated, I am authorized to give this certificate, and possess sufficient personal knowledge to do so: It was not written on company stationery (Plain White Paper) Shouldn`t this type of legal document - have to be typed on their company business letterhead and/or a least be witnessed and notarized to be legal?
  13. FORM B8 CHAPTER 7 INDIVIDUAL DEBTOR'S STATEMENT OF INTENTION Completing the Statement of Intention On Part A of the Statement, you must describe each item of secured property, list the creditor holding the debt secured by the property, indicate what you intend to do with the property, and then indicate whether the property is exempt or not. In Chapter 7 bankruptcy you can either give up the property (surrender it) or keep the property (retain it). Wonder how many people who declare bankruptcy (surrender) walk away from their home (mortgage).
  14. FORM B6F SCHEDULE F - CREDITORS HOLDING UNSECURED NONPRIORITY CLAIMS Do not include claims listed in Schedules D and E. If all creditors will not fit on this page, use the continuation sheet provided
  15. FORM B6E SCHEDULE E - CREDITORS HOLDING UNSECURED PRIORITY CLAIMS A complete list of claims entitled to priority, listed separately by type of priority, is to be set forth on the sheets provided. Only holders of unsecured claims entitled to priority should be listed in this schedule.