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  1. We pay sales tax once a year, my tax return lists me as a partner of the company - we're setup as an S Corp. - That's crazy, I would think stuff that like would be completely illegal now with all the identity theft going around. I'll just have to cross my fingers and be ready with the C&D letter. Thanks!
  2. That's a good way to handle it - I'll have a cease and desist letter ready to go if they ever send something in, although I am still curious how possible it is for them to get my social just based on my name & company that I work for. Does anyone know the true answer to that? If it's possible, care to enlighten me a bit? I'm really new to all this stuff. I'm 24, I have an 800 credit score, never had a single problem with collections in the past, I'm really just a newbie in the wonderful world of collections. About 5 years ago, I had a client with an outstanding balance, I ended up calling into a collections agency, with their full name, phone number, and address. Since the client never picked up the phone, the collections agency never did anything about it. It was only for around $200, but it made it seem like you need more than just someone's name to get their SSN these days.
  3. The PO Box has a company name tied to it with my first/last name under it, without an SSN - the post office won't give out who the box owner is (I think?). The billing location and shipping address are both the PO Box address. The company has my first and last name, not my middle or suffix that are attached to my full legal name - such as Steve W Johnson Jr. You still think it's "possible" to get the SSN? I'm not asking if it's likely, just wondering if it's possible. I already told the company that I'm not going to pay for the junk they sent, and that they can have it if they want to pick it up. Sending something to collections is easy, but actually finding the correct person, is hard (at least with the little experience I've had). It's just like suing anyone, I can sue you for your reply to my thread post, but that doesn't mean I'll be able to find you, bring you to court, or even win a judgment against you. You can sue anyone just as much as you can take anyone to collections. Good call on the letter, I'll be prepared for that if they end up sending something.
  4. A company said they are going to try and send my account to a collections agency. From the little that I know, the only thing a collections agency can do is just bug someone, unless you actually have their SSN, correct? Basically, I paid via a credit card for something, the only address the company has is my PO Box address. I understand that you can send anyone to a collections agency for anything, but there is not going to be a way they can take it as far as reporting it to credit bureaus, correct? Just making sure I have nothing to worry about. The company misrepresented the product that I purchased, I initiated a dispute with my CC company and won. I told the company they can have the product back, but they need to pay for shipping back to them (product weighs about 40lbs, so it's expensive to ship back). They are now trying to scare me with a collections agency