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  1. Hello, Templates have been removed due to inactivity. I will soon re-upload templates and edit the hyperlinks in OP. Sunsequently, I will timely post a respective notification. If you have further questions you may contact me at: Warm Regards, Casey Hirschman
  2. Special Thanks to BRJMHOME and REDLINEHOME. This OP will outline my 6 month journey to dismissal with MIDLAND FUNDING. *ALL RED TEXT in templates MUST be edited *Please refrain from mindlessly editing LINKED TEMPLATES. *Read thoroughly to ensure all included information is applicable and relevant. *Individual cases may not unfold in a respective time frame or sequence as the proceeding. All correspondence to be sent via certified mail. Copies of all motions filed with COURT CLERK to be mailed to PLAINTIFF. Copies of all correspondence mailed to PLAINTIFF and delivery confirmations to be filed with COURT CLERK. 1. Following first notification of debt, DEFENDANT to mail the following: TEMPLATE: DEBT VALIDATION TEMPLATE: DC DISCLOSURE INQUIRY TEMPLATE: ORDER TO CEASE AND DESIST 2. DEFENDANT is served COMPLAINT. In Missouri, appearance in court is an acceptable ANSWER to COMPLAINT. (However, in other states you may need to file a written ANSWER to COMPLAINT). INCLUDED EVIDENCE: AFFIDAVIT 3. DEFENDANT is served PLAINTIFFS FIRST REQUESTS AND INTERROGATORIES. 4. DEFENDANT to mail the following: TEMPLATE: DEFENDANTS ANSWER* TEMPLATE: DEFENDANTS REQUEST FOR PRODUCTION *ANSWER to be used as a REFERENCE ONLY. *Respectively read and answer individual requests. *ANSWER will NOT directly correlate with the numbered requests you are served. 5. Following THIRTY* days without receipt of PLAINTIFFS ANSWER, DEFENDANT to file: TEMPLATE: MOTION TO COMPEL TEMPLATE: MOTION TO DISMISS *Check local Rules of Civil Procedure 6. DEFENDANT is served PLAINTIFFS ANSWERS AND OBJECTIONS. INCLUDED EVIDENCE: STATEMENT OF ACCOUNT, PRE-LEGAL NOTIFICATION 7. DEFENDANT to file: TEMPLATE: MOTION TO STRIKE AFFIDAVIT TEMPLATE: MOTION TO STRIKE STATEMENT TEMPLATE: MOTION TO STRIKE NOTIFICATION 8. DEFENDANT receives copy of PLAINTIFFS DISMISSAL. 'COMES NOW PLAINTIFF and hereby dismisses the within cause of action at Plaintiffs cost.'