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  1. My wife and I had a business that failed in 2008 which was filed as a coporation. Long story short it left us in financial ruin and we are slowly digging our way out and repairing our credit. We are trying to fight a collection agency that is trying to collect on a "bill". The amount in question was NOT from a business credit card, corporate account, or loan. The original bill was from an alarm company which was paid in full on a monthly basis. When we closed the doors, we got slammed with this $2000 "early terminiation fee". It is listed on my wifes personal credit report and is hindering us from getting a home loan. Do we have any recourse? I refuse to pay since no services were rendered and it was never a debt to begin with. We've already paid and made good on other debt but this is just unreasonable. Thank you for any suggestions that anyone might have.