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  1. Nelson & Cruz called today again. That guy was screaming without any pause that I must pay. Before hanging up I told him nice some words in Russian which most probably were recorded but without consent. I already know from this Forum that talking with Debt Collectors on the phone does not make any sense and can only hike up a blood pressure. "My" FDCPA Lawyer cannot do anything at this point. BTW, her email address is no longer valid. I am replying to Nelson and Cruz with my third C&D Letter. Because, as of today, Nelson and Cruz are not licensed as Debt Collectors with Arizona Department of Financial Institutions, I am filing a formal complaint with this AZ Department. http://www.azdfi.gov/Consumers/Licensees/licenses.asp?list=CA&name=Collection Agencies
  2. The last week, I've received in mail several separated letters (for each alleged debt) from Midland; RE: [Alleged OC] Dear GDayMateAZ, Thank you for your recent communication. We have reviewed our records and are writing to provide the following update: We have closed your account and ceased collections. You have no further obligation regarding this account. In the meantime, as requested by you, we will no longer be contacting you regarding this account by phone or mail unless it is to further respond to this dispute by you. Please call Consumer Support Services at XXX-XXX-XXXX if you have any additional questions. Sincerely, [John Doe], Division Manager The law limits how long you can be sued on a debt and how long a debt can appear on your credit report. Due to the age of this debt, we will not sue you for it or report payment or non-payment of it to a credit bureau.
  3. TU officially notified me that they removed Midwest Recovery Collection account from my credit file.
  4. They last week, already after receiving my first C&D notice, they left the same message again on my voice mail, requesting me "contact their office regarding VERY IMPORTANT MATTER". So, I've sent them my second C&D notice. At this time, everything is quiet.
  5. Thank you, Clydesmom. The next week, I (maybe) will contact "my" FDCPA attorney with a question: if I have a FDCPA case against them for an attempt to collect time-barred debt.
  6. Yesterday, I've a voice message requiring my an attention to "very serious matter". Oh, here we go again. I decided to go ahead and called them back. Attorney: Nelson, Cruz and Associates (Dallas, TX) Client: Hovot Management LLC (Collection Agency) Creditor: MERVYN'S [Charge Card] File No: 2016-xxxx Current Balance: $875.58 I live in Arizona. According my old credit reports (TU, Experian and Equifax), I made the last payment in December 2008. I am not sure if I have on paper these old 2008 "OK", past-due Mervyn's statements and subsequent collection letters. This Collection Account was removed from all my Credit Reports at the End of 2015. They claimed, that the last payment was made in 2012, after they changed it to 2011. Looks like, I have a deal with an attempt to re-age an old debt that was long out of SOL. Nelson & Cruz offered me a settlement 50% with a formal settlement letter. I've sent them back Cease and Desist letter stating that under ARS 12-548 (Arizona 6 years SOL for Credit cards) expired after 2014 and FCRA 7 years for Debt Reporting expired after 2015. Exchange was thru email, which I provided them to accelerate communications. At this point, I am posting this as FYI about various tricky collection techniques to refresh old debts trapping consumers into debt's acknowledgment and making small payments which would reset SOL. P.S. Neither Hovot Management LLC nor Nelson Cruz registered as Collectors with AZ Dept of Financial Institutions. Also, Google does not show any "Hovot Management LLC" at all.
  7. MIDWEST RECOVERY SYSTEMS Collection Account (Alleged Creditor VIN CAPITAL LLC is no longer in business, according BBB) is removed from my TU credit report. And my TU Credit score is back closer to 690.
  8. Hi, Clydesmom, I am glad to hear from you again. After posting this I've found that VIN CAPITAL LLC is Car Title Payday Loan Business based in Nevada. I never had deal with them. Of course, I will start my standard protocol's communications with them.
  9. Hello All, I am back. In Spring 2015, I happily bade my farewells to Courts and Collections and said "Hi" to clean credit reports and wise using credit. Until today, I had my TU (TransUnion) Credit Score 690-705 reported thru one of my credit cards. Today, I found my TU Credit Score as 602 and immediately requested my Free Annual Credit Reports after 1.5 years not worrying about this. My today's (11/12/2016) TU Credit Report show one deragatory item: MIDWEST RECOVERY SYSTEMS 2747 W CLAY STREET SUITE A ST CHARLES, MO 63301 (888) 253-3440 Placed for collection: 09/29/2016 Responsibility: Individual Account Account Type: Open Account Loan Type: COLLECTION AGENCY/ATTORNEY Balance: $720 Date Updated: 11/04/2016 Original Amount: $720 Original Creditor: VIN CAPITAL LLC <------------------------- I have no clue who are they (Financial) Past Due: >$720< Pay Status: >In Collection< Report Created On: 11/12/2016 Also I found that my old friends Midland and Navient (former Sallie Mae) recently pulled my Credit Report with TU: MIDLAND CREDIT MGMT INC 2365 NORTHSIDE DRIVE SUITE 300 SAN DIEGO, CA 92108 (844) 236-1959 Requested On: 08/19/2016 Permissible Purpose: COLLECTION NAVIENT SOLUTIONS INC PO BOX 9500 WILKES BARRE, PA 18773 (888) 272-5543 Requested On: 08/18/2016 Experian does not show anything, Equifax as usually denies my online requests and requires me send them by mail copies of my Driver License and SS Card. I opened my Dispute with TU and posted my Consumer Statement "Not my Account".
  10. @debtzapper and @Anon Amos, thank you a lot, Guys! I also wish you Great Holidays and a Happy New Year 2016!
  11. Got a new job and waiting my first paycheck delaying paying some bills (still staying within 30 days). Hoping to avoid all that stuff (debt-collection-lawsuit) all over again.
  12. Finished my first work week.... and waiting my first paycheck. Avoiding getting again to a new Consumer Debt. Delaying paying some bills until that, but still staying within 30 days. In the past after a small delay, I immediately started getting angry mailings with collection promises.
  13. While setting up my own small business, I still continued to look for a job. After successful interview the last Friday (Dec 3, 2015), I've got a job offer the same day. I must start working this week. I hope on my new job I would not need to get to a new consumer debt. At this time I have one secured major card and two department store cards. All are current. My TU score is 642. Up from 580-ish one year ago.
  14. Technically, I am self employed since September 2015 after opening and registering my own LLC for SEO of electronically stored information.
  15. So, this obviously out-of-FOUR-year-statute-of-limitation action was in the Arizona Court System more than two years: 08/01/2013 - 08/25/2015. Useless Clogging of the Court System and Wasting the Precious Time of our Lives.
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