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  1. My very first job out of the Marine Corps was working for Resurgent Capital Services (had no idea what they were when I accepted job!). I was with the company at startup when there were just five employees. They hired me to be their DBA for their database system. As an FYI, I quit not too long after b/c this is a bad bad company (shorted checks, forced overtime w/o pay, etc) but it did give me the motivation to go back to college! Anyway, Resurgent was started by two executives (Tim Grant is president) that came from HomeGold that got out right before the indictments were handed down(other HomeGold execs just got out of prison recently). To get the startup capital, they got funds from Sherman Financial, which is then an "investor" in the company. After a few months, they got another "investor", Alegis Group. Their bread and butter starting out was to buy bankruptcy records and try to collect and see if anyone was naive enough to pay. They did, by the way - how terrible! Seriously, they had no ethics and KNEW this was against the law and just played the odds. They were desperate to start debt collection and were trying to break into that business. They created a new company, with the same employees, location, and database called LVNV for the sole purpose of buying debts. A couple of things to note on them. The way the database was built, they would choose which company to send out the automated letters from with drop down boxes. Additionally, I've seen the data files they've received when they get the debts. None have any information besides name of creditor, amount, some date (sometimes date opened, sometimes date charged off), and the amount Resurgent paid for the debt. They used this so the collectors would know to get x% of "profit". They used to have meetings on that. Other things I noticed. Whenever a debtor mentioned their lawyer, etc, they kinda freaked out and would bring it to the VP. He would have me place that account into a dropped status in the database. They seemed to be very wary of any lawyers or legal action but it's been quite a few years since I endured, I mean worked, there so maybe they've gotten bolder. Their physical location is in the Wachovia building on Main Street in downtown Greenville on the sixth floor but they used several PO boxes to make it appear the letters and payments were going to different companies/locations. Can easily say that was the SINGLE worst job I had in my entire life and this is a company that is run and ran with totally unethical people. I saw it again and again.