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  1. Can someone point me to a template or assist with verbiage as to how to response to them?
  2. So I DV MCM for an Old Navy acct and now they have responded by saying I have not provided sufficient info to investigate my dispute. They are asking me to provide additional info to identify the basis of my dispute. What and how should i response? Thanks
  3. NVM found it.
  4. I see on Experian report that some of the charged off has this under the status - This account is scheduled to continue on record untill Oct 2014. Transunion has the follow also - Estimated month and year that this item will be removed. EquiFax does not show any comments like this. Negitive items removes after 7yrs right? Does this mean it will disappear after that?
  5. My friend got this in the mail. Seem like she has to file it with her taxes this year for 2013. can this be use to have the CRA remove the item from the credit report? any info on this matter will be helpful. Thanks
  6. what is the next step? seem like assest acceptances doesnt like reply back to DV. I've DV them for my friend on 10/16 via certified mail. got nothing yet.
  7. Yes but it comes back verified. I'm am on the 3rd dispute with the bureaus
  8. So now what? whats the next step to try and get this remove?
  9. update: I just got a letter from Asset Acceptance stating the following. "Please be advised that this account is closed. We will report this information to the credit bureaus accordingly. Please call if you have any questions" Does this mean they will remove it from the CRA?
  10. #1 3 account she is sure she has no idea what they were. #2 investigation is still ongoing but - no results yet #3 not completed.
  11. She is willing to file a report with the policy if we can get proof those account were not open by her. ex boyfriend has a gambling problem from what she tells me is its very possible. So my question is how can you file a police report accusing the ex bf if you have no proof?
  12. She is saying thinks its could have been him but not sure. . she just found out about those account like 2 weeks ago so thats why she wants to see the credit appication.