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  1. I got Default Judgment set aside but Judge doesn't care JDB has my money. Their not giving it back. When can I file a wrongful attachment since they are not going to recover judgment because it's a SOL. Before or after trial which is in May. On top of everything they have deposed me and sent subpoena to OC. They are begging! I don't know why they keep this up. They know they have lost. Thank all of you for all your help with this mess:)++
  2. Now I have been deposed! They also have sent subpoena to OC. They already have my statements showing SOL. What are they looking for? Also, I have a quick question. When or how do I file for wrongful attachment to get my money back with Attorney fees and everything else?? Thank you in advance for all your help.
  3. CM meeting. JDB sends in a sub attorney. I tell the judge that JDB has my money that was taken on default/default judgment that has been vacated. Sub says she is only there to set trial date, does'nt know anything else. They want date in September! Come on. All they're doing is wasting my time and courts. I tell that to judge. I live in AZ JDB didn't show last time. How do I get my money back, my attorney fees, all expenses I'm spending to defend an SOL? She says this is only to set trial date not to litigate. Got date early May. What is going to stop JDB from playing these games. They have no
  4. :)What do I need to file to get my money back. Case management meeting today. This is an SOL and should be thrown out today...hopefully. Already filed answer. JDB acting like it's their money. If it goes to trial is there a motion I need to file. I won already by getting judgment set aside and I did ask for stay of writ. Thank you seadragon for your help in the 1st stage of this adventure. Very informative. Forgot I live in Arizona JDB filed in CA where I own property. I proved I was never served. 473.5
  5. My question concerns a money judgment obtained in one state that I own a rental in and I have lived in another state since 2004. JDB used my rental as my home address got the judgment then went to the bank branch in that state and cleaned my accounts out in the state that I live and the accounts were opened. Is that legal?
  6. Just received garnishment papers from ADP stating they were served. The copies I got from them are from someone I've never heard from a Becharoff Capital Corp. Judgement was entered in CA on 11/17/2010 and levying officer is in Sacramento, CA dated 5/20/2011. I live in Arizona and have lived here for 7 years. I do own a rental in CA which that is the address on the paperwork. I was never served or notified about a court case or judgement. How can I get this stopped and cleared up. If they ran a credit check my correct address is there. This JDB took the low road. I have a current change of add
  7. JDB tried to sue for CC debt using 6 year SOL written contract. I sited 3 year SOL. They tried to get SJ but Judge said they did not have a proper written contract. They tried using standard customer contract. They now have sent me a settlement letter with a payment date. And saying they reserve the right to renew the settlement offer or make an additional offer to settle at a later date. And they will not cease the collection process until I pay them. The amount they claim I now owe is larger than the initial amount sued for. Looks like they've added their fees, court fees and what ever els
  8. They sent copies of statements, bulk bill of sale, copy of agreement (not signed). They subpoenaed Chase bank but only got back 5 months of statements and a different bill of sale.
  9. Yes I included A.R.S.12-543 in my answer. That is what I was planning on again using in my answer to SJ. This time stating Financial Group Inc. v. Deborah Walrod
  10. I must answer a MSJ ASAP. I am being sued by a JDB. I answered the complaint but didn't answer to the request for admissions, interrogatories and requests for production. I didn't know how important they are. I live in Arizona and they are using A.R.S. 12-548. In my answer I plead on A.R.S. 12-543. Which is the case. I just didn't know what I was doing. I have now found this site and realize what a fool I was. I need to answer the MJS and am hoping someone might know how to word my answer correctly so the Judge won't think I'm a complete fool. I was under the impression that the SOL starts af