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  1. Thanks for your post. It is gross. How can any person think bed bugs aren't a problem. Did any watch "Conspiracy Theory" with former Governor Jesse Ventura? The last episode was ticks and how a Scientist working for Hitler was experimenting with biological weapons...and found a way to infect the ticks...anyways just a thought.
  2. it depends on the intent and the trustee. Here in michigan, I hate to say it, but these trustees are too busy to care. We had many case with the same situation as yours and nothing happened. But your attorney would know and be familiar with the trustees.
  3. Jimdiamond, is the business making any money? Honestly, there are to many variables to answer your question. I'm sure your attorney will ask about all your assests,debts to prequalify you. Our office asked very specific questions about assets, property, income, debt over the phone to prequalify bankruptcy chapter 7. If your married and she is filing alone, she will have to add your income information. Your attorney will tell you your best options and what chaper to file. good luck. let us know what your attorney said. DCusr, you have to list your business in your bankruptcy. Is your b
  4. "billed for 31, 40, 39, and even 71 hours in a day. Last time we checked, a day had only 24 hours..." Block billing. Hasn't anyone learned from the movie "The Firm"? and "failed to appear for his deposition..." why would he want to piss off the Judge?
  5. Ten things found in your garage 1. hurricane shutters (the joy of Fl living) 2. Car 3. Mower(s) 4. battery 5. rake (thanks to the 4 trees in my backyard:) ) 6. 7. 8. 9. 10. _________ (This poster starts the next game)
  6. LadyinRed "NEVER send your BK paperwork to the CRA's.. though some people will sputter and spew that you SHOULD". Ya that's me. I was not informed about DRAKO. But I've always sent the schedule F with the discharge to the credit report agency. And it has worked for me. Maybe the problems that were fixed were not based on my document I sent them. Thanks for all you help.
  7. DCusr "Is there a timeline for the classes?" I'm not positive. The last time I checked the credit counseling certificate was good for 3 months. I'll be darned if I can't remember where I originally found this information. I remember when people would do their counseling to earlier and would have to repeat counseling because the certificate expired.
  8. Normally, during the bk process, mortgage, loan companies can't talk to you. Usually they've submitted your information to their attorney. It's attorney to attorney communication. Unless, you filed Pro Se. Your attorney said you're not responsible for the house. gl
  9. If I was you, I wouldn't waste my time. All those creditors will be on your bankruptcy. If everything goes as planned. I'm assuming you will get your discharge. After you receive your discharge, check your credit reports. If there are debts that don't show there discharged on your credit report, then you will have to get copies of bankruptcy discharge and bankruptcy schedules and send it to the credit reporting agency to fix disputes. anyways, good luck with your bankruptcy
  10. When I use to prepare bankruptcies, I only listed OC, never the CA. Of course we all know those get sold over and over again. I always pull all 3 credit reports and list all OC's.
  11. Do not use your credit cards, take out loans (payday loans), at least 3 or more months before you decide to file. Regardless if you decide to keep a debt, all debts must be listed. Lets say you have an Art Van Furniture (secured debt) you want to keep, you still have to list it on your bankruptcy. Even if there is a car note you still want to keep, you still have to list on the bankruptcy. Don't forget to add all assets (401k), bonds. And add any back taxes, student loans. If you file yourself (Pro Se) make sure you file the form 23 with your final financial management course. Even thou
  12. If you reaffirm, and you decide to change your mind. You can recind the bankruptcy reaffirmation. I do believe it's 3 months.
  13. Even if you owed $178, it doesn't equate to $7,000. I'm interested to know what the outcome is. good luck
  14. I get calls from them everyday for my brother. And he doesn't even live with me. I tell them everyday, he doesn't live here.