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  1. Goldman and Roth out of Amherst New York is the worst.. If they call, get a recorder handy.
  2. I am in the process of filing suit against a credit collection service out of NY right now. I have all the violations on recording too. (thank goodness).. What I am wondering is .. if they use a threat (like calling your employer) more than one time on the phone does each incident count as one violation or is the same threat over and over just one?
  3. I Just hired an attorney and he says I have a very good case, I recorded several of the calls. This company told me (on tape) they don't have to show me what its for if I am too stupid to get my credit report and see. They called my children and told them I was in a lawsuit (which I am not) and that I could lose my home. They also threatened to keep calling my children if I didn't give them a credit card number or bank account number right NOW. Thank goodness I recorded the last few calls. This company would 3 or 4 times in less than 5 minutes. They told me they were looking up my employers number since I wouldn't cooperate. They also told me they were calling the sheriff in my county to come to my door if I didn't give them the money at that moment. I have reason to believe they got into my facebook and thats how they got contacts to start calling. Imagine if some creep starting calling all your facebook contacts and telling them you are a deadbeat! Wish my luck guys as these people have pushed me over the edge.
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