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  1. Thanks for the advice, everyone. Spoke with the court today, and the Plaintiff's motion was indeed granted. I'll look into the Motion for Clarification that FL4 mentioned. If anyone else does have any other thoughts, they'd be appreciated.
  2. I've got a question for you guys that hopefully someone can answer. My apologies in advance for the lengthy explanation. And since I know it is probably relevant to know, my suit is in the state of Hawaii. I'm being sued by Discover and have yet to see one stitch of evidence from the plaintiff's attorney. I made my first appearance in court and denied. Ordered by court to mediation. Have since responded to plaintiff's request for admissions with denials and sent request for discovery. Plaintiff's attorney answered my request for documents but with nothing more than by calling my requests uncl
  3. My husband and I are considering filing bankruptcy as our credit card bills have gotten the best of us. I'm VERY appreciative of the information I've gathered on this board but do have one question that hopefully someone can help me with. We don't own a home, don't have much value in our car, and have very little personal property. But we do own a small business that is registered as an S-corp. The business doesn't make much money--pretty much just covers expenses. But my question is, how will a trustee value our business? Will it be based on the actual inventory that the business holds, or w