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  1. I think you should consult to debt negotiation lawyers for this purpose.
  2. Good luck for your story.. Hope you will get success in that what you are thinking of.
  3. Thanks.. These links are very beneficial. I must say you are doing a great job over here.
  4. Google is your friend. If you don't find any way than search on Google.
  5. Ohh it means I not the single one facing this problem.
  6. I have returned back this thread after a long, and it seems as if the discussion is no longer in progress.
  7. Probably, the CA listed on your report that isn't yours, and that is why they are not responding to you.
  8. Consulting an attorney does not always means that he will drag you to file bankruptcy. Take advise, and then decide yourself, what seems the best to you.
  9. When you decide to file a bankruptcy, your lawyer has to be informed about your exact financial position. You can disclose every aspect of debt consolidation and the bankruptcy lawyer will help you out in preparing the case document for you.
  10. Bravo! You are a source of inspiration to others who often live the hope of getting back the control in their hands. All the best for your future endeavors .
  11. It's good that you are in a state of paying off your debts.How about contacting your creditors directly?
  12. Hey, I am sorry if I have hurt the sentiments of anyone. It was not my intention to preach anyone, but I just have put upon my views. I am still saying that one should avoid taking too many loans, because it only entangles you in the debt web.Just don't it otherwise.
  13. People always counter such problems, when they try to do it themselves.That is why we recommend that a professional's help should be taken to carry out the settlement deals.
  14. If they are not in a position to send you any proof, that means you are in a stronger position in comparison to them. Tell them that they are causing unnecessary mental harassment to you and you can move on to take a legal action against them.
  15. I visited here to be able to provide an answer to the question, but now I realize that I have actually get an answer to many questions which were a bit confusing to me. Thank you everyone for enhancing my knowledge.
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