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  1. I go to great lengths to not publish my phone #, not sure how they got it?
  2. What is the best course of action to prove it and stop the calls? Thanks for your help.
  3. It appears to be a robo dialer. An automated message was left.
  4. I have been getting 2-3 calls a day on my unpublished cell phone number. Isn't it illegal for a JDB to call un-published numbers?
  5. I also just noticed that the label on the front of this letter has my address wrong. I wonder if that was a mistake or if they were hoping this didn't get to me?
  6. Even if he initially used the excuse of having "car problems"? Why wouldn't the judge just reschedule the pre-trial if he felt there was a legitimate reason they didn't show, instead of dismissing the case?
  7. Those bastards just don't give up do they? I just got the motion to vacate the dismissal. One of the reasons the case got dismissed is due to the plaintiffs lawyer not showing up for the pre-trial, he called to tell them he had "car troubles". In the motion they use the excuse that they "mis-calendared" the date. Do I have to answer this thing and what are the chances the judge will reverse his decision?
  8. Thanks but I really can't take the credit. All I can say id stick with it and don't give up. I think the strongest argument we have is the lack of evidence these JDB's have.
  9. I just got a letter today from the court that my case with Mudland has been dismissed without prejudice! I would rather it be with prejudice, but I will take it! It has been a long frustrating road. Thanks to everyone on here for your help!
  10. How could the judge deny my opposition to the MSJ without a trial, is this normal?
  11. My dad settled with another JDB, not Mudland. I have the 1099-C, his bank statement and cancelled electronic check showing he payed Cach LLC. The scumbags never did send him a letter though. He said he didn't tell me he settled because I told him not to talk to them. He was a co-x on this account and they threatened him they would foreclose on his house. They threw out a number that they would settle for and he paid it over the phone. He was not listed in the original complaint. So, 2 years later Mudland comes along and files a false affidavit on the same debt and tries to sue me for the full amount. I haven't used this account, or made a payment since 2006 so it's out of SOL too.
  12. I don't want to re-hash the entire story, it's in other threads I started. To sum it up, I discovered that my father settled this account with another JDB in 2008. I filed an opposition to the MSJ with this information. So, I can't understand how the judge would deny my motion without a hearing. I asked the clerk what would happen if I didn't show up and used that lame excuse. She just said he would require proof. They filed the MSJ strictly based on their false affidavit and a single cc statement showing no charges or payments, just a late fee.
  13. I was 15 minutes early, like they requested. I waited for half an hour and the lawyer did not show. I asked the clerk how much longer I had to wait. She went to get the court clerk, who said I had something to sign. Then one of the girls sitting down told her the lawyer called and said he had "car troubles". From what she said, the judge denied my opposition to the MSJ too. I kind of feel like they are giving the lawyer a lot of slack they wouldn't give me. I asked her what happens now, she just said to wait. How much longer can they drag this out?
  14. To be honest, I don't know what account it's for? I know I haven't made any cc payments since 2007. I lost my job in 2006 and I went into survival mode and only payed what I needed. I still wound up selling my house and almost everything I owned. In order for it to be in SOL, wouldn't the last payment have to be no less than 3 years from the date they contact you?