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    Anyone know where to get a winemaking kit or wine juice that doesn't use sulfites?
  2. I have a court date next week. Is it too late to add a recorded phone conversation as evidence that will help my case? How should I go about providing the evidence? Thanks!
  3. Hi BV80, Thanks alot for all your help! 1. How do you know you're being sued by a JDB? the debt collector's lawyer told me the alleged debt was sold to the JDB. 2. If it is a JDB, what leads you to believe they are claiming to be the OC? the OC is listed as the Plantiff. 3. What type of debt? Credit Card 4. What is the SOL in your state? seven years 5. Is the debt within the SOL? yes examples of the Interrogatories: 1.) Please state your full name,address and phone #. 2.) State the amount you admit owing on this account. 3.) do you claim any unauthorized individual used your account. 4.) stat
  4. Hello, I'm being sued by a JDB's lawyer. The Plantiff is listed as the OC. I need help with First Interrogatories, request for admissions, and request for production of documents. I have a few days to answer. I was reading some post by Massive, Can I use this for every line number? "Defendant objects to Plaintiff's Interrogatory no. ?? on the basis that it is vague, overly broad and not reasonably calculated to lead to discoverable evidence. Further, Plaintiff has provided no admissible evidence that they own any alleged debt. Subject to and without waiving the foregoing objection, this reque
  5. Thanks for the info, I spoke with the JDB's lawyer and I was told that the account was sold to a collection company I think NCI. The lawyer is working for NCI and has the original credit card company listed as the plantiff on the summons. How can the OC be listed as the plantiff if the JDB is suing me? Is that legal? Do I have any defenses?
  6. yes, A JDB bought the debt. I don't see any information from the JDB on my report as well. The debt is not pass the SOL 7 year limit.
  7. thanks for the advice BV80, I just checked my credit report and the Credit card debt is not even listed. I checked my report last year and the Credit Card company had it listed as collection account/account closed by credit grantor. Is that normal for the Credit Card company to take the information off my report?
  8. Hello Everyone, I found out that the OC charged off and sold my alleged debt to a JDB. Now the JDB's lawyer is trying to sue me. I have already sent a debt validation to lawyer and received only some copies of a monthly statement with my information and the amount of the debt. I answered the summons but I didn't include any defenses. The JDB's lawyer now sent me some interrogatories, request for admissions, and request for documents to fill out. All the paper work I have has the original credit card company listed as the plantiff. Is that right? What are some of my defenses? I have been