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  1. Really? Stealing? NO.. It just seems to me the consumer has rights to prompt billing. Being billed or asked to pay 18 months after the item was purchased is a stretch by any case. How would you like to be in these shoes? Put yourselves in this situation. By what you are saying it could have gone 10-20-100 years and I would still be liable. I did my part as a consumer when I purchased the item. I provided them with a means of charging me for the goods. I wasn't deciteful I wasn't fraudulant, I did my part. They failed to act upon that within what I would consider a reasonable amount of time.
  2. When I ordered the seat it was $420. The company was provided my credit card info and they sent my order. The seat took a few weeks to get to me as they ordered it from the manufacture. When I got the seat I thought they had billed me and things where done. I paid my bills and life went on. I closed the account that the order was placed on a year after the order. Paid the card off and haven't used a credit card since. There has to be a time limit that a business must attempt to seek payment for an item. I provided them with all the items they required when the order was placed. My Address, ph
  3. 18 months ago, I bought a seat for my motorcycle. I didn't realize till today I never got billed for it. The only reason I found out was that the company I bought it from called. At first I thought it was a phishing scam. So I told the operator I wasn't liable. Then they hung up. I went and looked at my bills and didn't find a charge from them. Ethically I know I should pay them. If they had billed me promptly I would have. Now, 18 months later I am out of work and living on a shoestring. I don't even have the motorcycle I bought the seat for. Am I still liable for the failure on their part?