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  1. Sorry haven't disputed anything yet, when I dispute is that with the credit bureaus?
  2. So on the credit report PRA lists itself as a factoring company and that it is an open account. I've been reading other posts regarding these issues but no definite answers as to if they are violations. Any input on this?
  3. Thanks for the input everyone. I did win one lawsuit last year with everyones help. It was my first case and I never had counterclaims, actually I never really looked for violations so I am a little confused on what to look for. Even though I did a good job at trial after the judge denied my MTC arbitration as she said she was a better arbitrator. I still get sick thinking about doing this all over again. So I decided to elect arbitration and initiate before being sued this time. After the atty's 1st letter I sent a simple DV letter including electing arbitration CMRRR to the atty and P
  4. Yes on the heading, No on the disclaimer, It is the 2nd letter dated 2 wks after the first one, The first letter did include this "We have not, nor will we, review the details of your account status, unless you so request in writing." I responded to the first letter with a DV letter disputing and electing arbitration.
  5. I just received a form letter from a law firm there is no attorney signature or even a name just the firm name. I have been reading the FDCPA and I am thinking this is NOT a violation but, thought I would ask to be sure. "As you should be aware our office was hired to collect the debt you owe. We have received information that you are employed, own property, or you fit criteria which makes your account otherwise suit worthy. Our client has authorized us to file a lawsuit if necessary." They also mention they will request court costs for filing fees and if authorized request the court to
  6. I just recently beat Equable, it was for Chase also. They really have nothing to win and if I could beat them so can you! And close that account NOW!
  7. And a big thank you to this forum what a blessing for those of us who are new to our new found "nightmare". Especially thanks to those who took the time to offer comments to my posts: Linda7, debtfighter, 1stStep, Seadragon, BV80, Skippy1960, Jackson212 What a great education that I am hoping I do not have to use again, but you never know!
  8. Actually it was Equable Ascent Financial and the attorneys were Gurstel Chargo, and they are.......well I won't say what they are on here since I am a lady!
  9. She did make a comment that each side was to bear their own cost. I did not have counterclaims does that matter? Even so just glad it is over.
  10. 1stStep, Thank you for the clarification, I guess I was so use to reading everyone talking about dismissal's that is all I was thinking about. It is a good feeling, even though I really did not do much talking.
  11. Well my trip to the courthouse did not start out well I had been awake for 23 hrs with not a wink of sleep. When I was driving I evidently was in a trance because I suddenly realized I was on the wrong road and had to turn around and find another way back downtown, then I turned right on a one way street with lots of traffic coming my I know how those little 80 yr old snowbirds feel when they venture out in traffic. I was the first person to be heard after lunch, that was not a pleasant feeling! The attorney that showed was not the same one so that was good! This attorney asked
  12. You are awesome Linda, your always go the extra mile with your explanations to help those of us struggling to understand. THANK YOU!