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  1. Fisthardcheese, I've reviewed the TILA, specifically Subpart B relating to open-end credit (credit cards). It discusses initial disclosures in detail and a requirement for creditors to disclose major changes to things like rate increases or fee increases. However I can't find a requirement for regular statements. Obviously every OC credit card company issues monthly statements, but how does the TILA bind a JBD to the same if they are still charging interest?
  2. In my experience, goodwill letters are huge longshots. Especially since it is totally easy to deny someone in writing with a form letter. I've had better luck in person on the phone if I find a sympathetic party where it's harder to say no to someone's (virtual) face. That said, I can't imagine finding a sympathetic party at MCM with the bunch of hardasses working at that CA. I also couldn't find any Virginia case law yet relating to removal of paid collections. Sounds like California and Texas have better consumer rights laws than my state...
  3. Thanks Tom, I would have negotiated PFD if I had been in a position of strength. However I was buying a house and while I didn't let the CA know that (they would have demanded full payment), I wasn't in a position to go back and forth for months with them trying to get a deletion. I ended up paying $.30 on the dollar. I could probably have gotten that number lower as well, but again, was not able to play hardball. I noticed in the sticky note regarding this topic that some people said they had success sending letters and removing paid collections. For instance, C M CHASE said to write the hi
  4. I've been reading the forum for at least an hour to ensure I didn't waste anyone's time. I did see a couple threads relating to this issue, but not enough specifics guidance. I have three credit card collections that I settled 6 months ago with the CA so I could buy a house. For years now both the OC and CA have been reporting TLs to all three CRAs against the same debt. As expected, the OC is reporting charge off and the CA is reporting collection account, paid. I hate this kind of double-dip reporting on the same debt, but I guess that's how it works... So here's what I have: Chase Credit
  5. I've been trying to get several 2-year-old deliquencies removed that are being reported by a shady mortgage company called American Home Mortgage (now Homeward Residential). I just noticed a possible avenue to fight back. In a 7/2/12 Equifax report, I found that American Home reported the account as 120 days late on March 2012. March 2012 is nearly 2 years AFTER they sold the account to another mortgage servicer Residential Credit Solutions (RCS). At minimum, re-aging an account like this violates FCRA Section 605 © – "running of the reporting period". However this is more than just re-aging.
  6. I have 4 CC's that have not been paid for 18 months. None are listed in collections yet on my credit report, but all appear as chargeoffs from the OC and each OC has assigned the debt to their respective CA. Given the length of time (18 months), the CA's are already offering 25% of the balance to settle. I've recently come into a bonus from work and I'm willing to pay the settlements offered. However, I am not buying a house or otherwise pressed to settle. My only goal here is absolute credit repair and total deletion from my credit report. So I'm trying to understand the dynamics here. If I g