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  1. Midland just dropped their suit against me today, if you show them no default, and your not gonna roll over they will back off.
  2. I used what i learned on here with thanks to donq2, massive and bv80, got a letter todat, MIDLAND FUNDING WITHDREW THEIR SUIT AGAINST ME !!!!!! tHANK YOU ALL THIS IS A GREAT FORUM, I WILL MAKE SURE TO PASS WHAT I LEARNED FROM YOU ALL ON, THANK YOU AGAIN.
  3. Midland is suing me, i really cant see them coming from philly the whole way across the state to sue me unless they have somebody from pittsburgh coming up here to clarion, i can help you i do have some stuff but i need to do a discovery. hang in there my friend.
  4. iam lost too i dont know what to expect, believe me iam losing sleep over it. same thing, midlandis suing and jacked up the amount on my cr.
  5. Heres the scoop, the magistrate told me i didnt have to file any, answeres, any papers, and to bring them to the hearing, now iam lost .... Its going to be a magesterial court battle, my question is, since ive never done this, how do i proceed on court day which is 11-08 against midland fundings lawyers hayt, hayt and landau. i have not received nothing from them, since i never received any correspondence from the plaintiff, but a complaint i could not do a dv. i received help on filing papers, but it was something i didnt have to do in magesterial court, i surely need help iam running out of
  6. I received absolutely nothing from the, did get some calls telling me to call about an important matter, pick it up then no one there, with no call back on my caller id.
  7. Last time i paid on it was 3 years ago, i noticed on my cr midland reset the date to last year i know thats bs, the sol is 4 years any help is appreciated
  8. Encore Capital Group ... and its subsidiary, Midland Credit Management, Inc. 8875 Aero Drive, Suite 200 San Diego, CA 92123 Tel: (800) 825-8131 • Fax: (800) 309-6998 Via electronic delivery July 31, 2009 Federal Trade Commission Office of the Secretary Room H-135 (Annex A) 600 Pennsylvania Avenue, N. W. Washington, DC 20580 Re: Debt Collection Roundtable -Comment, Project No. P094806 Dear Federal Trade Commission: Thank you for the opportunity to provide written comments in advance of the roundtable discussion regarding "Protecting Consumers in Debt Collection Litigation and Arbitration", sche
  9. Heres my plight i was served a complaint from Midland funding, I did my preliminary objections and took them to the magistrates off ice, the secretary didnt know what I was talking about so I see the magistrate himself, seems like all the codes that petained to doing that were rescinded, although he told me to bring it to the hearing. I have received absolutely nothing from Midland, whats up with that? They told me I dont have to file anything, whats up with that. He said if they show, my luck they will, so now what do i do? what do i ask, how do i get their affidavit tossed for hear say? This
  10. I got alot of inforrmation from you all but i went to turn my prelim objections into the magistrate he said just bring them to the hearing, the thing is during the hearing what should i say and ask? i really dont want to lose, another district said they hardly ever show, but i want to be ready any help or pa case law will help. thanks.
  11. went and talked to the magistrate today, he had another one on the line since iam pro se i had some questions for him, he was on the phone with another judge , on speaker phone the other judge said they most always never show up but i should file a counter suit for the same amount against midland, question is what should i counter sue them with?